I bought an old chair at a flea market for 100 rubles and turned it into a new one

  • May 25, 2021

Hello friends!

I sometimes like to walk around a flea market on a weekend, in search of interesting or rare specimens from the past at an inexpensive price. Once again, walking through the rows with old stuff, I saw a completely collapsed chair, which I wanted to buy and restore.

So I bought it for 100 rubles. I know that you will now begin to write that such a chair can be found in the garbage, but in our country this is not thrown away, but sold.

This is not the first year that I have been doing crafts and homemade products, so I did not buy anything specifically for this chair, I have all the materials and tools for a long time.

That was the state of the chair.

Step 1.

The first step was to completely disassemble the entire chair and remove the upholstery.

Step 2.

The chair was stained with floor paint, smudged and haphazardly. He removed the thick layer of paint from all parts of the chair with a building hairdryer.

The paint swells up from the hot air and is easy to remove with a spatula.

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Step 3.

Then I put an emery wheel on the grinder and processed all the details right down to the tree.

Putty the cracks and chips with wood putty and left to dry for several hours.

Step 4.

After the putty has dried, I sanded it. I also processed glue locks with sandpaper.

Step 5.

I covered all the details with wood varnish, left to dry for 24 hours.

Then he sanded it with fine sandpaper, to a perfectly smooth state.

Step 6.

Glued the chair using PVA wood glue.

Step 7.

I cut out a new seat from plywood.

I varnished it, and also varnished the chair itself a second time.

I covered the seat with foam rubber and fabric.

Step 8.

Since the chair will no longer be repaired, I decided to simply glue the seat. I am aware of what needs to be screwed on.

This is how I ended up with a chair.

I bought and restored this chair not because I wanted to earn something from it or get some kind of benefit, but just for pleasure and try my hand at this business.

The chair has been standing for 2 years, it is not very active, but we use it. Until now, there is not a hint of loosening.

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Thank you very much for your attention!