Visiting IEK: plant, laboratory and logistics center of the largest electrical manufacturer

  • Aug 11, 2022

IEK Group products are used in almost every apartment in Russia and in many enterprises, most of them are produced in our country.

I visited the factory, the warehouse complex, and the laboratory.

Visiting IEK: plant, laboratory and logistics center of the largest electrical manufacturer

My three-day tour of IEK facilities began with the Electro-2022 exhibition, where, among other things, new modular devices ("machines", RCDs, etc.) Armat and Generica were presented (I wrote about them here).

Visiting IEK: plant, laboratory and logistics center of the largest electrical manufacturer

The next day I ended up at the IEK logistics complex in Shcherbinka.

The main warehouse is located here, where products are supplied both from Russian IEK factories in Yasnogorsk and Novosibirsk, and from Chinese factories.

The warehouse is hybrid - there is a traditional part with racks, pallets and loading and unloading with the help of shivelers, as well as a vertical robotic warehouse for small items.

From one side of a huge warehouse, trucks from factories drive up, from the other side, trucks are loaded, carrying products to customers throughout Russia.

The complex has its own testing laboratory.

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I think most of my readers will not be surprised by the sight of a measuring sphere for testing lamps and other light sources. A two-meter Everfine sphere is working in the IEK lab.

Box for long-term testing of lamps.

There is equipment for testing the electrical characteristics of automatic machines, RCDs and other devices.

Chambers of climatic tests.

Chamber for testing the degrees of protection against water.

The laboratory even has spectrographs to study the contact material.

The tour I took was organized primarily for electrical bloggers. They took part in the discussion of the design of the new shield and expressed many wishes for its improvement.

The third day was dedicated to the plant in Yasnogorsk.

The plant is huge, it produces metal trays, metal and plastic cases, plastic cable channels, plastic corrugation, PVC pipes, small plastic parts (junction boxes, clamps, fasteners, etc.).

I saw with my own eyes the production in all the shops, but, unfortunately, it was forbidden to shoot. I managed to take only two shots in the metal tray workshop.

The automatic line unwinds the sheet metal, cuts the workpiece, makes all the necessary punches, bends the tray, then assembles several trays together and packs them with ties.

In Russia, IEK still produces everything oversized and heavy - something that is unprofitable to bring from China. At the same time, the number of items of products that begin to be produced here is constantly increasing and it is quite possible that the production of the same automatic machines and RCDs will be localized over time.

Thanks to IEK for the opportunity to visit the production, laboratory and logistics complex. It was very interesting.

Peace for everyone!

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