Review: brutal Russian convector REMO

  • Sep 07, 2022
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Saratov plant REMO began to produce electric heaters - convectors, which use the most modern heating elements, and the body is entirely made of thick steel for maximum fire safety.

Review: brutal Russian convector REMO

Electric convector REMO SB-2000 "Solar Breeze" Available in white and black case. For review, I chose the black model.

Review: brutal Russian convector REMO

The set includes legs with rollers, a bracket for wall mounting, dowels and self-tapping screws, instructions.

Management on the right side. Two switches turn on half or full power, a mechanical thermostat knob allows you to set the desired temperature. Wire length 1 meter.

The body, bracket and legs are made of thick steel. Compared to Chinese convectors, the body of which is dented with a finger, this is impressive.

The back wall is entirely metal - no plastic inserts, like the "Chinese". And this is a big plus in my opinion.

The brutality of the design is emphasized by the "REMO" logo, laser-cut into the front panel.

The leg looks like something weighing a ton is being mounted on it. :) It is attached to the body with two M8 bolts (!).

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Of course, I took the heater apart to see what was inside. Below is a monolithic X-shaped heating element, on top there are two deflectors that direct hot air into the slots of the front panel. Thanks to the deflectors, the case heats up less - warm air is immediately directed outside and the heating efficiency is higher. An emergency thermal disconnector is installed, the entire electrical part is protected by a metal cover.

Everything is set up very neatly. The connections are detachable, and for greater reliability, all wires are first crimped, and then also soldered. The heating element says "HEDGEHOG 230V 2000W" (the same ones are in the most popular convectors of well-known brands).

The heating element was named after the hedgehog (in English, Hedgehog is a hedgehog) due to the fact that its entire surface looks like needles - so heat is transferred to the air faster. This is the most modern heating element - it is not only efficient, but also silent and durable.

In half power mode, the convector consumes 860-880 W at a mains voltage of 225 V.
The maximum front wall temperature is 90°C, the maximum rear wall temperature is 65°C.

At full power, the convector consumes 1670-1680 W at a mains voltage of 224 V.
The maximum temperature of the front wall is 101°C, the rear wall is 71°C.

Another nice difference from Chinese convectors is that when you first turn it on, there is no smell and there are no metal clicks during heating and cooling (it would still click at such and such a thickness). The thermostat clicks when it turns on and off, but it does it quietly.

In addition to two-kilowatt models, REMO launched the production of convectors for 1000 W (single-mode) and 1500 W (dual-mode). Now convectors are produced in white and black, but due to the fact that the entire production cycle is located at one factory in Saratov, it is possible to paint the cases in any color. Would you like to have a red, green or blue convector? ;)

The convector REMO SB-2000 "Solar Breeze" is now standing on Ozone 3690 /3570 rubles, on Wildberries 3690 rubles.

I made a short video review of the convector: v=1dPOEjSum6M

A huge plus of the REMO "Solar Breeze" convector is a durable all-metal body. The second big plus is the modern monolithic X-shaped Hedgehog heating element. The third plus is high-quality assembly and fireproof design. Another plus is the presence of a deflector-reflector that directs hot air flow. And, of course, I repeat once again that REMO convectors are manufactured in Russia, and this is not a copy of any existing model, but our own development.

Peace for everyone!

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