Plumbing toilet connected to the hot water

  • Dec 24, 2019

The flat, on request, produced replacement mixer and water meter, it collided with an extraordinary situation, the toilet has been connected to the hot water. It turned out after I closed the opening of the valve, the tank emptied... From toilet zaveyalo heat. My question is why your "other white" washes feces hot water? The landlady, a lady of 30, said:

- "Recently changed centrally pipe and probably something messed up, the apartment is not mine. We remove it, chasing installers I have neither the desire nor the time. "- stated kvartirosemschitsa.

Replacing the faucet, I offered her for a fee to rectify the situation, for miners inattentive mechanic, the more spoiled faience "friend" to which objection is heard:

-"Not now, I'm in a hurry and I'm still a month to move out, and then let the owner of the apartment solves the problem. "- On the" no "and the court" no "said I to myself.

Universally accepted to connect the toilet to flush waste products of man to cold water. But there are cases unintentional connection "white friend" to hot water. The reasons why this is happening a few:

  • Plumbing mixed pipe when replacing unusable pipe.
  • Defective plumbing neighbors, there trapped by the hot water through the faucets et al. Equipment for cold water riser. Hot water from the cold-water pipe gets into your toilet.
  • Some housewives can drain the hot oily broth in a bowl or pot of boiling water to kill germs (there is chemistry).

What happens when the toilet flush hot water

  • If hot water flush urine and solid waste products smell strongly amplified.
  • Enamel bowl eventually cracked, the toilet comes into disrepair.
  • When draining the boiling water from the kettle into the "white pedestal" is a high probability that the toilet will burst like a glass (temperature difference).
  • High consumption of hot water, respectively increased rent for the useless hot water draining into the sewers.

On a note:

High-quality porcelain toilet with a light tapping on it publishes "calls" sound (pardon the tautology). This means that a dense and high-quality ceramics. Such toilets can tolerate temperature variations without effects (cracking, cracking of the enamel).

Do not invent any new things, just connect the toilet to the cold water!

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