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  • Dec 24, 2019

If 20 years ago planted conifers turned the garden into a dark thicket, it's time to make it a little brighter and happier. No general redevelopment of the garden you do not need to.

Garden in a natural style
Garden in a natural style
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Old gloomy garden

Overgrown trees hardly transmit light into the house and patio. At too high pine trees can no longer grow other plants. On the lawn overgrown with moss here and there stick gnarled tree roots.

As trees become older, so remove them harder and riskier, some of them had to uproot many more lay back. As in the garden machines do not turn around, everything will have to redo manually. Stumps with roots should be left in place. The trunks of felled trees can be somehow used in the garden. From the part can be folded branches brushwood piles and another of them to grind and use as mulch or cover for tracks.

Alternative: cheerful garden in landscape style

As a result, restructuring has turned a cheerful garden in landscape style. Where once there were trees now stick out stumps and bizarre plants bloom. New flower beds edged with trunks of trees felled and filled with nutrient soil. Under these the beds eventually rot the roots of felled trees. Garden pond in a natural style, decorates the garden and attracts new inhabitants into it.

On the newly planted beds of broken unpretentious hardy plants that naturally grow in clearings and glades.

Part of the lawn is updated making sand and fertilizer. Around the patio is split small terraced garden bed with a low supporting wall made of logs. New track partially covered with rubble limestone partially mulch of shredded bark. The garden has become much lighter and more spacious, and care for them is now much easier.

felling of trees

Before embarking on tree felling, please contact your local authorities, whether forest tree cutting is allowed in your garden plot. Specify the duration of a cane-cutters.

Pre-make sure that the crowns of the trees and hollows nests there any animals. Before starting work, you need to decide exactly what you want to keep the trees in the area. Notify cutters, how are you going to use the branches and trunks of felled trees, so he sawed them into pieces the size you want.

Thin branches usually milled on site; the resulting material can be used to cover track and mulch beds. If this is not possible, collect the twigs and put them in a pile in some secluded corner of the garden. Massive pile of dead wood will serve as an excellent nesting place for birds, shelter for hedgehogs and winter shelter for many insects. Left in the open air, in a few years a heap of brushwood peregniet and turn into compost.

felling of trees
felling of trees

Thick branches short pieces can be folded under one of the trees or next to a hedgerow here, too, inhabit a variety of living creatures. Wood of many trees make excellent firewood. Saw logs into pieces of desired size and put them in the shed for drying.

Never bring down large trees on their own, invite a specialist for this: it is to saw the tree piece by piece from the top down. Secure the cutting of trees can be done only professionals!

masking stump

If the creation of solar lawn need to cut individual trees, the remainder of his stump can be converted into a composite flower garden center. For this purpose a tree stump surrounded by a spiral wall from stacked stones. The space between the walls is filled with a large number of drainage material (e.g., crushed stone or pumice), and on top of it stack layer dense nutrient-poor substratum 20-30 cm thick, consisting of equal parts sand, stone chips and compost. If the stump is not very high, it is possible to close the 10-20 cm of substrate and plant here thyme. But the easiest way to put on a stump shallow container with soil and planted thyme, stonecrop or young in it. The container can simply be filled with water - then it becomes a perfect trough and birdbath.

If after removing the tree is shady place, landed here a plant, typical of the forest glades. For this scatter around the stump 100 g horn shavings and bark and compost of the backfill into the soil. Put in the shady corner of the garden and the large-purple foxglove, bells, hellebore, mullein, loosestrife monetchaty (moneywort), wood strawberries, spray cereals and ferns.

For 30 minutes, you can:

  • Minced 1 cube. m twigs and branches, turning them into mulch material.
  • Place the small pile of sticks.

To destroy a tree stump, drill a few holes in its widely saw cut, place them urea saw cut and protect against moisture penetration (e.g., polyethylene tying stump film). Stump rot in 1-2 years.

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