Smart garland for the whole year

  • Dec 24, 2019

Address LEDs allow you to make a very beautiful Christmas-tree garlands, where each "flame" is controlled independently, changing the color and brightness. Effects and animations such garlands look very interesting.
I managed to find in Moscow is ready to address garlands that can be used not only in the new year, but also throughout the year.

A year ago, I showed you a video of the first address Twinkly garlands. I looked to see if something new and interesting for the year did not appear. In large shops sell all the same Twinkly and prices range from 6 to 14 thousand rubles (and still has several fraudulent websites, where the garland allegedly sold for 2,000 rubles).

Other ready-made solutions is not even on Aliexpress. And then I found a craftsman-alone in Moscow, which has developed and released its controller and sells its ready-made and garlands. I met him, he bought four garlands and studied them.

The general idea of ​​the effects you can get from this video: v = gh5yDKjhrik

Garland with Kitls controller may consist of 50-300 addressable LEDs. It is controlled by touch button, IR remote control and Wi-Fi from your smartphone or computer. The controller is "hardwired" 30 effects, the lighting mode of the light alarm mode. You can enable the cyclic shift of effects or any single effect. There brightness adjustment and the effects of changing speed.

The basic idea is that the garland can be used as the light source and the light alarm clock throughout the year, and New Year's holidays, it turns into a beautiful Christmas tree garland.

In the finished set includes a controller, a garland of 18 mm WS2811 LEDs or LED tape WS2812B, placed in brilliant plastic wicker tube power supply (pyativoltovaya dvuhampernaya charging from a smartphone), remote (optional), two instructions. All components are connected by connectors.

Controller - a small box with a wire that connects to the garland, power connector, touch the button and the sensor panel.

Inside its board module ESP8266.

Garland of the belt can comprise 60 or 30 LEDs per meter.

Garland as individual LEDs comprises LED modules 50 to 12 mm (but can still connect 50 connecting the two connectors garlands).

When the controller after loading Garland once flashing yellow light. A single touch of the sensor on the housing the controller includes yellow illumination mode. Double click on the sensor starts the cyclic change of all effect mode. Repeated double-click allows you to lock the current effect. Another double-click continues to bust effects. Triple-click includes a white light mode. A single click while working off her garland.

Infrared remote allows advanced control.

Buttons ON, R, G, B, W include yellow, red, green and white, respectively.
Brightness buttons change the brightness of garlands in all modes.
FLASH button toggles through all the effects mode.
OFF button turns off the garland.
The remaining 15 buttons include 15 different effects.

More management features appear in the control from your smartphone or computer. The controller creates a temporary Wi-Fi Kitls_LED1 network. To it is necessary to connect a smartphone (password kitls111) and go to the address (it is better to do it in "incognito" browser, so he did not try to open the cached page). You can only turn on the garland in one of two modes and choose the color and brightness. But the main thing - you can click "Set network" and connect to your home wi-fi network, select it from the list and entering a password.

After rebooting, the controller is connected to your home network (a sign of this is the disappearance of the Wi-Fi Kitls_LED1 network). Control it is possible by using a browser on any device (smartphone, or tablet computer).

We enter in the address bar and get to the selection screen effects. Here you can adjust the brightness and speed of change effects, including lighting mode (Static) and select the color, turn-busting effects mode (DEMO), or select one of the thirty-effects.

Button "Set page" opens the settings page. You can upgrade the firmware, configure the connection type garlands (number of LEDs, the control type, and time of each effect in their change in DEMO mode). In the setting mode of the light alarm clock is set the time and days of operation of the alarm, while "Dawn" (fading in brightness before the signal), enable signal and selecting music.

Video of the garlands from the creator Kitls controller.

Two independent garland ribbons on a Christmas tree. v = ddcKI5i5jbA.

Garland of 50 individual LEDs. v = dgsaPR6b114

Garland of ribbons on a window. v = jeCiC0-utEs

In my opinion looks very cool.

Of course, the address garlands and ribbons are also available on Aliexpress (for example, here is a garland of 50 separate controllable LED for $ 6.66, here many tapes from $ 1.30 for a cheap meter strip with 30 LEDs), but with the controller more complicated. Ali has a lot of cheap controllers, but they do not take into account the number of LEDs. Because of this, effects such as the running to and fro flame is impossible, and in general the effects are much more primitive. Controller, where it would be both remote control and Wi-Fi is not there. Light alarm clock function is also of course not.

Kitls controller is sold separately and, therefore, may want to save to buy a tape or garlands on Ali, and the controller in Moscow, but in time has not come out until the new year.

Of course, there are drawbacks Kitls. First of all, it is not enough options DEMO run mode at power on. Now you have to press the button on the remote control, double-click on the sensor or controller to give the command from your smartphone or computer.

Now you can sort through or effects manually or include a sequential scan of all the effects. I would have made it possible to form a sequence of effects and to make a few presets, sequences (the effects of smooth, fast effects, motion effects).

I'm having difficulty connecting to my router controller RV6699 MGTS (probably not to blame the router itself, and my settings) but with the router Keenetic everything works.

Hopefully, there will be new opportunities and challenges to be addressed in the new firmware.

Now Kitls controller creator remained kits with tape 60 LED / meter. Such a kit with two-meter tape (controller, 120 LED tape 2 meters braided sheath adapter 2A) is 2300 rubles (control - 2500 rubles). The controller separately costs 1200 rubles.

Online has a controller maker phone, in addition to it, you can quickly communicate through private messages to Avito. here his announcement (Actually there I found him).

P.S. Given the very small amount of cottage industry, I did not ask for a creator Kitls any money for advertising, but he told me I provided a discount on my lights and made a discount for you: according to code word "ammo1" will be a discount of 200 rubles per set or controller.

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