As I ran two days of a new boiler. "Hi" from manufacturers!

  • Dec 24, 2019

It is nearing frost ...

As early as a month in a house filled with screed. Heated floor standing under pressure, since it was impossible to pour a coupler for empty tubes, a radiator network - not yet full.

Warming houses will be carried out from the radiator 11 (7 pcs. 1 fl. and 4 pcs. on the 2nd floor). Heated floor consists of 4 loops only on the 1st floor.

When sharply colder, s + 20 ° C to + 6 ° C, realized that the need to rush to bypass the boiler installation and starting the heating, since the TP system already filled with water, and would not want to have a burst pipe tie.

Begged to work 2 days on account of holidays and then for Saturday hung boiler is connected to the gas and set the chimney, and on Sunday led to it supply and return line from the reservoir 3 (2 radiator heating manifold, one on each of the floors 1 and mix with a collector unit for underfloor heating at 1st fl.).

... and stayed with me these vyproshennye cherished a couple of days on the commissioning of the boiler bypass and work on the bugs in the heating installation "with their hands" ...

Connected the water supply hose to the drain valve and fill the system with water up to 1.5 bar. Then worked for the factory air vents on the collectors and the boiler. Next, he proceeded to the subsequent boiler settings.

1st launch of the boiler

Having carefully reviewed the instructions configured turbine operation in accordance with the length of the chimney in the service menu.

Two 90 ° elbows equivalent chimney 4 meters 6 meters plus riser. Total 10 meters, and in accordance with the instructions - The 19th stage of the boiler turbine was set up.

After that, it was necessary to make (again per instructions) venting of the heat exchanger of the boiler. Again climbed into the service menu and made a start - something pozhuzhzhalo inside cracked his three-way valve, and some relays for a few minutes, and the boiler verse.

After that, follow the instruction manual of the boiler, made a start on the minimum as well as maximum power to adjust the burner. The boiler was dispersed and then threw an error "4C, overheating of the heat exchanger!"

2nd - n-th run of the boiler

I do not climb inside the boiler, followed by subsequent launches of the same mistake, yet somewhere in the 15 times I did not include the pump underfloor heating, and everything is stabilized. But as soon as I turned off the pump unit mix with the boiler again I dropped in error 4C.

After analyzing all the steps, I realized that the boiler pump does not work out as it should. I took it, unscrewed the cap and the central screwdriver unwound according to the arrow indicating the direction of rotation of the impeller. Once deaf. In short I had to get the rotor and lubricate WD-shkoy and re-spin.

And voila, the service mode at the minimum and maximum power has been passed!

All settings are done, I transferred to the boiler menu on the operating mode, - silence. No answer, not a greeting, no errors - no clear, that is not so.

De-energize, and re-stuck a plug in the socket - the silence. The screen shows that everything is in order, the contours are correct and the boiler signal expected - and the electrodes do not work and the burner does not turn on!

factory defect

I scored in frustration on the phone to my friend, is more or less savvy person and explained everything inside and out. By the end of the conversation, the conclusion was one - the entire mechanical part is serviceable, and the board - some cant.

At the plant uniquely board under test, most likely it's all right, therefore, somewhere there was no contact. I checked all the connectors and jumpers - all on the ground.

And what do you think? Turns out the boiler was silent because that was waiting for a signal from the room thermostat, which I did not possess. Jumper bypass thermostat was (swept in red), but stupid was not one screw clamped to the terminal board. She stayed with just one screw, and the other - was not until the end of the twisted and facing the jumper is not executed, but the impression that it is normally closed and "funtsikliruet".

How well have tried to plant? As a result, I spent 2 days and a lot of nerves for that evening would find this petty factory spelling!

In fact, all the same, I am very glad that did not have someone to take or cause the boiler to the service. The main thing is that the start up and working correctly.

Thank you and good luck with your build!

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