Eggshell weight in gold! Five useful ways to use

  • Dec 24, 2019

Cold season - holidays for summer residents. But free time can be spent wisely. For example, engage in the collection and accumulation of products with the most valuable properties for the future harvest. Let's talk about the eggshell. In most cases, it goes in the garbage, but we suggest to put the shell eggs to a separate tank, to continue to be spent on useful things. Why we recommend to collect shells? For further use will need a lot of material - so much has accumulated in one month, but for 3 - 4 times both.

Calling eggshell waste, the word must necessarily be quoted. You've heard that in its composition has a lot of nutrients, hence the number of essential features for truckers. Adding a shell into the soil reduces its acidity, many pests openly succumb to these "junk" In addition, resourceful gardeners use egg shell as a mulch, fertilizer and even the capacity to grow seedlings. Want to learn more? Read the article.

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1. We use as fertilizer

Valuable properties of eggshell has long been known. For example, it is added to animal feed as a useful source of calcium. On calcium carbonate accounts for up to 90 percent of the product composition, and the rest 10 - it is nearly three dozen compounds which will appreciate and the soil, and crops growing thereon. Why not turn the shell into fertilizer that will not cost you anything? If your area of ​​light sandy soil, sure to please your plants so necessary calcium.

Once in the soil, the shell begins to decompose, but it does so gradually. Therefore plantations receive nutrients are not just a bunch, and provided them for a long time. An important advantage - a substance easily absorbed, unlike most stores drugs, natural fertilizer is nothing superfluous, that would be complicated absorption and lay the land of the dead weight.

Make the shell into the soil when digging convenient - just pour a couple Zhmenya per square meter. Pay attention not to the size of the particles. Product peregniet in any case, but large fragments will make it much longer than smaller ones.

Grind the shell can be in a regular coffee grinder - get just flour, or manually in a mortar - there are larger particles are obtained. From the following video you will learn how best to do to prepare a valuable fertilizer.
Eggshells better incorporated into the soil by digging in the autumn, along with other fertilizers
Eggshells better incorporated into the soil by digging in the autumn, along with other fertilizers

2. deoxidize soil

As mentioned above, an eggshell - the best way to reduce the level of acidity of the soil, bring it to the normal indicators. An effect due to the presence of calcium. All existing oxidizing agents based on the action of the same element.

Normal soil on the site - not a reason to throw the shell. Use it in the compost heap if to add fallen leaves, mullein or sawdust, known for their acidifying properties. The shell is not only removes this drawback, but many times will increase the usefulness of fertilizer due to saturation of its essential elements.

Eggshell - an indispensable product for the preparation of high-quality compost
Eggshell - an indispensable product for the preparation of high-quality compost

3. We fight pests

Useful for plants, shells can be deadly to them pests. For example, the fail-safe method of destroying mole crickets: grind the shell arch fragrant sunflower oil and place in the aisles. After eating sweets, the insect will die immediately.

A similar fate awaits the undefeated Colorado potato beetle is sufficient dusted it thoroughly crushed flour. The same can be done with the larvae of the pest and clutches.

Shell - brilliant in its simplicity way to deal with the evidence and slugs. Soft bodies of these creatures are injured on the sharp shells, so it is enough to make the barrier of them on the perimeter of the beds, so they were not able to overcome it and left the plants alone.
Shell flour to help cope with the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle
Shell flour to help cope with the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle

4. mulching beds

It is difficult to collect this number of shells required to mulch the entire garden. Have to eat every day some eggs, but in the big family of the off-season accumulated a lot the useful material, which is enough to cover the soil in the beds, particularly those in need, or by shrubs.

What is the benefit of mulch from the shell? For example, it is rot very slowly, so copes with protective functions. The moisture retained in the soil for longer, even in drought, weeds can not grow without access to sunlight and the roots get enough air volume (the main thing that shell fragments were large).

Some in one go eat a dozen eggs
Some in one go eat a dozen eggs

5. We accelerate the germination of seeds and grow seedlings

The shell is able to significantly speed up the germination of seeds and seedlings to make stronger and healthier. This gives the stunning effect of calcium activating proteins in seeds., Sprinkle the seeds shell flour, and only then to achieve it - a layer of soil. Note that the method works, and with drawers and open ground.

Many gardeners planted the seeds in the shells themselves. Of course, we need the intact specimens - removed only the tip. To make it clearer - from shells should get the cups.

It is important that inside there is nothing left from the eggs, dry future capacity and fill nutrient soil. Plant the seeds in each cup. That they may keep the stability, set up the shells in a box with cells from eggs.

By the way, the seedlings can then be transplanted to a bed straight into makeshift cups. You only need to gently pre-break shells, or young roots with the task failed.

Shell flour - a natural growth stimulant
Shell flour - a natural growth stimulant

additional tweaks

Considered the most valuable shell of domestic chickens. Bird gets the complete natural food, which affects the composition and eggs, and shells. Magazinny product also be written off - it contains the same substance but in a lesser concentration. Agree, this option is better than to throw the shells in the trash.

In the winter of calcium eggs is much higher than in the summer. More hard shell proof of this. So do not ignore this superpolezny product. Pay special attention to the brown eggs - always more calcium in them, even when compared to summer products.

The shell eggs home longer useful compounds
The shell eggs home longer useful compounds

When cooking the amount of nutrients in the shell is reduced to almost zero. However, in this case, it is useful in the garden. For example, as mulch or agent against pests. If you want to limp soil, fertilize and grow the seeds of the method described above, take only the shell of raw eggs.

Store can only be preliminary carefully cleaned and dried shells. Otherwise, the unpleasant smell of mold can be got. Whole shells occupy a lot of space, so chop them (not to flour, and just smash your hands) and ssypte in storage tanks.

For growing seedlings need the whole "cups" - keep them separate from the rest of the shell, you do not accidentally damage, for example, in strong boxes.

The shell will be indispensable in the garden. Note that you are not require any additional investments. If you eat eggs, just do not throw away what we have always considered waste. After reading the article, you need to understand how valuable the product regularly goes in the trash. But the shell - a chic way to also save on the purchase of expensive equipment.

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