Old plumber shared the secret of how he restores the non-stick coating, check the life hacking

  • Dec 24, 2019

One day had to work with a partner Vasilich muzhik aged. During the break the conversation turned to the nozzles soldering (welding machines) for polypropylene. I lamented the fact that in recent years the quality of low and non-stick coatings have to be replaced often, because of the fact that after heating fittings are pieces of plastic on the heating elements and they start to smoke heavily, thus creating unbearable conditions for work and harmed body.

What Vassilyitch said:

- "And what you suffer. Do as I do, in order to restore the non-stick coating is required only - sunflower oil. Nanesesh it on red-hot "iron", it burns for filling microcracks that clings polypropylene. Previously, in a skillet or a nonstick coating it was not, it replaced the burnt oil. "- summed up the plumber.

After hearing the arguments of people aged decided to check this life hacking. To do this he will need "iron" with "dead" nozzles, oil, fleece on the match. "

Moisten a cotton swab to apply it to the oil burning nozzle. sunflower shkvorchat liquid begins by allocating a pleasant smell.

Oh yeah, I recorded the process of oil coating the soldering, observe:

As a result, in the nozzle after drawing juice sunflower I gave "ignited" the iron for another 10 minutes. In order that the oil is burned completely. To summarize, We are trying to tinker with updated tips:

When checking in the garage, "Polycom" to the nozzles did not stay. The next day, when working with treated nozzles still part of the PP remained "non-stick coating"

Interesting, polypropylene adhere to the nozzles may in several cases:
The low heating temperature of 250 degrees Celsius Me
The high heating temperature over 300 c. Celsius.
Low quality polypropylene pipes and fittings,
Bad nozzle faded with non-stick coating.

To summarize:

Something Vassilyitch me not to tell or deceived me naive, but I believe, uh Vassilich Vassilich.