Wife upset. On her favorite boots, burst outsole. Repaired!

  • Dec 24, 2019

Thick sole female on the one hand it is good, the legs will not be cold. But here, on the other, from the practice, than the thickness of the sole, so it is more inclined to the fact that bursts and cracks.

Here and now, wife upset, poking me under the nose of his shoes, and complains. Sole burst!

Picture: Youtube
Picture: Youtube

I ask her: "What did you just do not see that in the sole of your favorite shoes to crack the beginning."

"It's not just so broke, first cracks had to go. And you all go in them, climbed and not shoot. "

"You can not do it this way. It should be at an earlier stage to voice the problem! "

To which she replied very simply: "Something like that happened!"

I do not ugomanivalsya: "Well, you and wash them, and you put the battery dry, do not be noticed before?"

Well I think if you do not examine the sole, it is possible and really did not pay attention, until she will not know about yourself.

Well, what do you do, what advice to give to his wife? Let goes on so? How long will? Now outsole even stronger burst, it will be visible to others, do not go it will be convenient, but when the rains will go, then soak feet will.

Okay, hold the fix:

1. It is clear that it is necessary to eliminate the bursting of place. We'll have to get rid of a large high-tread soles.

To this end, I have a special knife that cut the protector once or twice;

Picture: Youtube
Picture: Youtube

2. If there is no knife, will have to sweat and sandpaper to clean off the whole thing. At this time and effort it will take a very, very much.

And then pylischa extra, well, why all this is necessary. It is better to have a dedicated, sharp knife;

3. After the knife cut protector, then nazhdachkoy already cleaned completely breaking point;

Picture: Youtube
Picture: Youtube

4. Then I needed to use a foam rubber. I like more than the use of polyurethane.

Yes, it is less plastic, but much more durable. And in the place of the fracture, just need the greatest strength.

Picture: Youtube
Picture: Youtube

5. Polyurethane closed up the place where the crack. All I got enough rovnenko.

6. A special sticker on to help. Molded using, the quality of the average.

Picture: Youtube
Picture: Youtube

7. Customize the size of clipping, after which glue.

8. All catch-up, update and forth crooked legs!

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