Demolish or not to demolish? What if the house was built close to the neighbor's fence?

  • Dec 24, 2019
Over the last 20 years, our country as it is trying to simplify the process of registration of documents for the construction of their own homes. No entries comes out of it. Only add new problems and troubles. Just starting to get used to the same law, so a few days later comes another.
Photos from public sources
Photos from public sources

It all started with ordinary passports for land. Then came the urban plans. And now we come up with the notification of the start and end of the construction process. such documents can not fill without the help of a professional. We would like to introduce a "dacha amnesty", but quickly changed their minds. All schools of the wrong building continue to solve departments of architecture in the administration.

Actually, what I am talking about? About the most common disorder that occurs in the construction of private homes. This - Failure minimal distance fence.

In any locality should be strictly specified, these rules. The PHC should be clearly specified minimum distance from the border area to the fence.

Usually the calculations are as follows:

· From the bustling streets of the fence - 5 meters;

· From neighboring portion - 3 meters;

· Households. buildings can be placed in 1 meter away from the neighbor's fence.

Photos from public sources
Photos from public sources

But you may think that these calculations are not wanted, and they do not carry anything useful. And vybudete not right. There are several good moments in which trespassing can turn a big problem.

Photos from public sources
Photos from public sources
  • Moment №1. If you refer to the administration of the notification that the house meets all the requirements, but the boundaries are violated, you will refuse to issue the document. But without it you can not assign its housing inventory number. And if there is no cadastral number, then there is no certificate of ownership.
  • Moment №2. Imagine such a situation. You decided to buy the leased land from the administration. Even if you have a house of their own in this area, you will not be able to redeem the land, if there is an error in the calculations. With a probability of 90% you will be denied in the purchase of land.

So how do you do in this situation, if you notice deviations in the calculations? Many of you think that you need to escape immediately to distribute bribes, just to achieve the desired. But unfortunately, it can not be done, though much want. )) There is a legitimate way. Namely, you need to obtain permission to deviate from the specified site parameters.

Photos from public sources
Photos from public sources

Get permission is necessary in the administration. At registration document must be present applicants and violators. If the issue is resolved in your favor, the distance will be reduced to the current, and your problem will disappear completely.

We have to admit that in such a short article difficult uncover all the nuances of this process. But this method can really help you in this situation. If in some respects difficult for you to understand yourself, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional lawyer. It will help to solve this problem much more quickly and tell good advice.

The main thing - do not give up. It does not matter who violated the border, you or someone else. Now the main thing to get things done. A surrender to you and later will be able, if so much of it you want. 😀

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