Three parcels plumbing, study contents

  • Dec 24, 2019

I have a bad habit that either ordered online. Often the goods which are on the internet site can be sold in a nearby storefront, a bit expensive. But without having to wait.

But apparently this is some kind of relationship: to wait and look forward to unpacking of parcels, to deal with the fear that can deceive, in the end enjoy some trinkets that had waited so long.

In the hands of my three parcels, and let us make you happy juicy photos of parcels:

What is not clear, "findiflyushka"

In fact it is fitting with integrated valve Books, spanning the course of the liquid. It is safe to install shower heads on and off the water when you lather or rub the washcloth last year's dirt first of January). If so use the shower you can save a lot of hot and cold water. It is also possible to apply for a shutdown current of water in the hoses "in the garden il garden."

Attention! Nozzle applied in establishing and operating non-return valves. If you do not have on the system of check valves that hot water passing through the mixer cold and hot water meter readings will be to wind and cold water on the counter will begin to decline. And in the riser of cold water will be warm water that is fraught with the possibility of poisoning.

My next project

Russian Post when you stop to knead my parcel?

And we have in the box thermostatic mixer. It is necessary to install a certain temperature. For example, in 38 degrees. Comfortable temperature for showering without jumps in the direction of boiling water or ice water. solidly made.

I will use it for your project. But more on that later will be an article on the channel. Do not miss out, sign up.

Not rusty gold Workshop

My darling.

Came some positions on the electrics, periodically there is a need for terminal blocks, mini circuit breakers. I decided to order a bunch at once, and then tired to go shopping because of the penny position.

Prices and real evidence of buyers you can see on the site Aliekspress.

Vyrubatel flow shower leyke- link

Thermal head to align the temperature- link

Not rusty gold, an electrician, a reference to the store- tyk

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