Has launched a battery mower!

  • Dec 24, 2019

Purchased yesterday on the cheap mower Makita able to run without batteries relatives.

I tried to start the mower from two laboratory power supplies, putting on each voltage 18V. The third terminal of each battery slot closed plus.

Mower tried to start, but the power supply went in defense - 5 amps is not enough. I checked, whether run on 36 volts - sources connected in series, is connected only to side contact on the mower. Starts! Checked whether the low battery indicator work. Work (this time in the photo).

Every 36 volts may be supplied, not 2x18, the mower connected to three lead battery of UPS 12V 7Ah, connected in series. First, thin wires connected with crocodiles (on the title picture), but the voltage is halved. Then he used the power jumper from the UPS and plugged with thick wires. Mower started and runs with a wild howl. :)

In electronic mowers smooth acceleration and instant e-brake, it works.

Measured current consumption. The start time - up to 21A, idling a little less than 5A. I wonder what will be the consumption during mowing grass, guess 8-10A (indirectly evidenced by the reviews in which they write that the battery 4 Ah mower runs 30 minutes).

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I ordered 30 batteries LG INR18650MH1 3200mAh 10A in ru.nkon.nl of 1.05 euros per share.

I wanted to order forty, but up to 36 pieces Shipping costs 9.90 euros and more - 18.90. Decided that the thirty enough.

When the discharge current 10A capacity of these batteries around 3100 mAh, then the whole pack will give 3p10s 36V 9.3Ah and withstand current up to 30A. At idle, the mower will run nearly two hours while consuming 8A - 1 hour 10 minutes at a 10A consumption - 56 minutes. Will this practice will suffice.

Charge the battery may be charging from elektrosamokata, but the process takes about 6 hours. Then maybe buy a more powerful charge - according to Datasheet maximum charging current in these batteries 3.1A, respectively 3p10s assembly can charge current to 9.3A (at such charging current will take more than an hour).

Though branded batteries Makita batteries and are not balanced, I probably put the protection and balancing charge in your battery. Kreosan advises just such a for $ 10, but she has bad reviews. Please advise what to take.

30 batteries with delivery cost in 3020 rubles. Of course it is much better than the nameless pink Aliekspressa batteries with the same price.

I decided that for such little money as possible and to experiment, maybe it would be my dream mower. :)

upd.: Fortunately I bought batteries. Sale is over and they are now worth twice as much.

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