How I spent the weekend: huge closet

  • Dec 24, 2019

I made a desperate attempt to win the mess: decided to build a cupboard in the wall.

Unfortunately in my house is kept a lot of things. This testing equipment bulbs, including hefty scopeAnd the bulbs themselves (I'm afraid I have them lying under a thousand pieces), and soft boxes for photos and videos, and a variety of gadgets that I was sent to the reviews and still many, many things.

I realized that there was no chance to get rid of the boxes in the room, reviewing its contents, I do not. And then I decided to build a huge wardrobe, a width of 3.7 meters and a height of 2.63 m and a depth of 62 cm. It consists of four sections, there 25 shelves. Right section below - above the air conditioner.

There are places within the scope and soft boxes.

I found on the Internet office, selling and sawing chipboard it. Offices which sawing sell sheets of 1700-1800 rubles, while there is a sheet of 1390 rubles cut 35 rubles per meter, 0.4 mm PVC edge 37 rubles per square meter. The office is located on the highway Korovinskoye directly from Moscow.

A week ago, I designed and ordered cupboard cut. nearly 500 kg of chipboard, and then my son and everything is dragged into the apartment Friday dovoz heroically in his car. All day Saturday and Sunday builders built my closet.

I took off my epic taymlaps-video, how it happened.

Clearing the space for the construction of the cabinet. v = aeQVRiXGikI

Construction of the cabinet: 10 hours over 10 minutes. v = cuxX2t8n4iE

Alas, without mistakes is not done. I did not consider extending the window sill and make the cabinet too wide. As a result, it was necessary to transfer switch and trim frame sockets. To the table that was set to the cabinet is not limited by the handle, the latter are located as high as possible. It does not look. It was necessary to do them below the table level. And the main problem - because of the curves of the walls, some shelves do not allow the door to be level with the body (I made shelves depth 18 mm less than the body, but two millimeters reserve was not enough).

Tomorrow I plan to remove 17 shelves and go their obpilivat behind 5 mm.

Cabinet has managed to 30815 rubles:

CPD: 7x1390 = 9730
cut: 128x35 = 4480
edge: 4715
loop: 38x25 = 950
Handle: 16x40 = 640
Corners: 100x3 = 300
Assembly: 10000

If I had not designed this cabinet he would not have dragged chipboard in his car, it would have cost twice as much.

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