Crimped wire in the tip without special tools;

  • Dec 26, 2019

When required urgently extrude the steel wire in the tip, and a hand was not special tools - can act in different ways (pictured below).

This often chosen completely unacceptable solutions that do not provide a reliable connection. Often the connection point trying to flatten hammer (chisel), and sometimes just squeeze it in a vise. These methods usually do not give the desired result, but only port used blanks.

Methods crimping

Known effective methods of crimping wires, which will require a simple bench tools, available in the economy of most users.

Possible solutions to the problem are as follows:

  • Using a punch for pressing the firm (photo below).
  • Tinning and subsequent sealing contact connection gas burner.
  • Crimping with a screw in the grip and crimping.

Consider each of these approaches in detail.

Kerner with a hammer

Pressing through the punch - the easiest and quickest way to solve a problem that does not require excessive force. To implement it will require a punch, vise and an ordinary hammer.

Pryadok molding is as follows:

  • First purified from the insulation of the wire is inserted into the tip.
  • Then the construction is placed on the massive and rigid lining - the surface of the anvil, or the general plane of the vise sledgehammer.
  • Thereafter punch made by successive recesses on one side of the sleeve with simultaneous flattening it.
  • The cores are made in increments of about 2-3 mm, and under the stress of trying to break through the sleeve.
  • Then the tip is inverted and processed from the back side.
Additional Information: Number and depth of packings made dependent on the length and diameter of the tip.

Finally, the treated area is wrapped with insulating tape.

solder connection

This method is especially interesting for those who are constantly engaged in solders and has a gas burner in the economy. And although he does not fit into the category of "reduction" - however with it the problem is solved quickly enough.

To implement it, you need to do the following:

  • First wire and the inside of the tip obluzhivayutsya thoroughly, after which it is drilled a small hole of the blade.
  • Next, the stripped end of the conductor is put inside, and the tip glass tape is wound.
  • Thereafter, it warms the burner flame, and disposed top opening poured molten tin.

When warming tin spreads and fills the voids. Previously wound strip of fiberglass prevents it from leaking.

Crimping in a vise with the screws

To solve the problem with a reduction there is another way. According to it are taken two long screws suitable diameter, fully covering the length compressible sleeve portion (pictured below).

After compression, the whole of this design in the grip of the wire is pressed firmly on a path of screws. After this wrap is a junction of electrical tape and using the tip to its destination.