Filament LED bulbs: what they are, their advantages and disadvantages

  • Dec 26, 2019

LED products, serving for a long time and at the same time consuming minimum power, gained a lot of popularity today. When meeting with them, it is important to note that due to the nature of their design, they are not suitable for all types of modern lighting fixtures (chandeliers and sconces, in particular).

To install these lights are selected LED lamps equipped with filament type "Filament". Among the professionals, these products are called - "filament light bulbs."

What it is?

Under filaments lighting device refers to articles which appear on their face as much as possible like a standard incandescent lamp. They have the original translucent bulb and socket standard size. Inside them instead of the usual filament yarn placed a special form of light-emitting diodes, made in the form of a strip of a given size. This is the "filament" by its appearance resembles a broad thread (pictured below).

Apparatus filament lamps and

Radiating elements themselves consist of the following parts:

  • The base of a glass or sapphire.
  • Set of LEDs with blue light (illumination matrix).
  • A phosphor coating, allowing to obtain white color with its characteristic color temperature.
Note: Often for "warm" color tones few blue semiconductor replaced red counterparts, taken in the ratio of one to three.

The appearance of the yarn is shown in the photo below.

The average power of one element is about 1W, a voltage applied to them - of the order of 60 volts.

Housing filament lamps are not like standard LED illuminators, which used ordinary user. They are copied from the traditional incandescent light bulbs, which allows you to organize their production on the same terms.

The lamp is equipped with thread-like semiconductors, it consists of the following parts:

  • Cap (usually E27 or E14).
  • Translucent bulb.
  • The leg from the same glass with conductors of the supply power to the filaments.
  • Sami filament elements.
  • An electronic device or driver is disposed in the housing base (see photo below).

Driver Dimensions in lamps of this class are minimal; they are limited by free space available in the basement.

Advantages and disadvantages

Features filament product design and technology used in the manufacture of them provide following benefits:

  • Economy.
  • High luminous efficiency.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Long operating time.
  • Versatility.

The first two indicators are achieved at the expense of radiation uniformly in all directions at high brightness light. To obtain a comfortable illumination in this case consumes minimum power. Durability and longevity - two interrelated virtues, explains the simplicity and reliability of the design.

Their versatility is associated with the possibility of installation in the most famous models of lighting fixtures. Products equipped with an E27 base - improved analogue of a simple incandescent lamp, and the other samples of its kind E14 replaced with miniature lamps.

Due to the fact that the flask bulb in the production of special gas pumps - they glow when not heated, which increases the safety of operation. The disadvantages of these products include high cost and fragility of the flask, which requires careful handling. In order to exclude the risk of acquisition of low-quality goods to buy these lamps must only from reliable and trusted vendors.