Two-tariff Electric: whether it is beneficial or not?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Electricity prices are getting higher every year, but there are ways to reduce spending on electricity, not avoiding such an important aspect of the issue as legislation. For example, two-tariff counter or the so-called day / night. A lot of disputes arise around data electricity metering devices, and the main question is: is it beneficial to the counter really?

Example two-rate meter
Example two-rate meter

Beneficial if two-tariff meter?

Yes and no. Two-tariff counter beneficial to those users who have the majority of infrastructures in the house or apartment is dependent on electricity. For instance:

  • Electric heating - the most costly system. Only during the heating period, an electric boiler "eats" a huge amount of power, which translates into cash equivalent obtained are substantial sum of his own pocket.
Figure 3: Electric heating - main electricity consumption
Figure 3: Electric heating - main electricity consumption
  • Heated floors. Some owners of apartments and houses are trying to save money and assemble floor electric heating elements. Manufacturers of such floors assure their customers in their economical power consumption, but actually goes quite the contrary.
  • Instantaneous electric boiler. Equally expendables device than an electric heating boiler. It is much more economical to install a simple boiler, choose only high-quality and reliable products.

Therefore, the two-tariff meter is beneficial for those who have some electrical consumers are working round the clock. Heating, heating water pump, etc. In addition, many washing machines support a timer function that allows you to put the laundry in the night. It is very convenient and allows you to save even more.

This is not beneficial to establish two-tariff meter

The main question when installing the two-tariff meter: how soon it will pay off? And some users is not profitable to install such a device, since the payback period is too long.

For example, gas heating in apartment, gas stove, and the electrical component is only the refrigerator, water boiler, Washing machine, multivarka and such small devices like mobile charger, hair dryer, curling iron and a power supply Laptop. In this house, rounding all the calculations, the two-tariff meter will pay not less than 17-20 years. A day such savings will not exceed 1-2 rubles.

Is it possible to accelerate the return on two-tariff meter?

Answer: Yes. And if the meter is already installed, this should be done immediately, preferably before the end of its warranty period.

A few rules rapid return two-tariff meter:

  • Include washing machine only at night. As mentioned above, in many modern stiralka is a function of the delayed start, including the appliance at a certain time. If the model is old, it is always possible to install a special timer into the outlet, the cost is not so high, as buying a new washing machine.
Timer socket
Timer socket
  • Set a timer on multivarka. To cooking took place at night and the heating function allows the dish to preserve its taste to households awakening.
  • Include dishwasher after 11pm. Exactly the same principle as in the washing machine.
  • Translate boiler in daytime temperature keeping mode, and at night it to include heating fluid. While maintaining the temperature of the water consumption of electricity much less.

These simple tips will help recoup the expensive two-tariff meter for three or four months, and then with the pleasure to enjoy a well-deserved economy.