What is the cause and how to fix self-propelled electric meter?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Electric - unit accounting and control energy consumption, it is installed in every apartment, private house, garages and factories, and like any instrument, unfortunately, can break or incorrect work. One of the most common problems - self-propelled Electric. It is almost impossible to prevent, but to eliminate immediately.

Figure 1: Front panel Electric
Figure 1: Front panel Electric

What is a self-propelled electric meters and what causes it?

Self-propelled - is a continuation of work even in the absence Electric included in the network of consumers. Means that the device is a certain amount of power still will count, but virtually no expense will be. The consequence will be only a waste of resources by tenants for "air".

Figure 2: Self-propelled - movement drive jobless consumers
Figure 2: Self-propelled - movement drive jobless consumers

Define self-propelled simple: turn off all electrical appliances in the house or apartment, or just turn off the automatic introduction and look at the work counter. If he continues to "blow off", then on the face of self-propelled, is defective and requires urgent intervention or replacement of the device.

Causes of creep may be as follows:

  • The fault voltage of the coil, which feeds power to the special brake hook. If the coil is faulty, then around the hook there is no magnetic field, respectively, the disc will rotate constantly.
  • Damaged brake check. Another element of the braking disc devices, which after the damage is already unable to restrain him, and there is self-propelled Electric.
  • Malfunction of the brake hook. It is the element around which creates a magnetic field of the coil.

Total member 3 is responsible for braking the electric drive Readout: voltage coil, the brake and the brake flag hook. Check these items on the repair is not possible, then it is necessary to disassemble the unit of accounting and control energy consumption. But to define self-propelled device and tested method has been described above.

How to eliminate the self-propelled Electric?

Self-propelled counter is installed and the problem on the face, but after the failure detection it is necessary in some way to eliminate. Option to eliminate only one and it is the most reliable and efficient - the replacement of the old electricity meters with new one. There is a fair question: why not repair the old one?

The answer is simple: it is very unprofitable and there are several reasons:

  • Repair of faulty electricity meters can not perform any electrical company, so the cost is an issue, respectively.
  • After repair it is necessary to believe the device, since any Electric is a measuring device, respectively, requires verification.
  • During these actions the owners of an apartment or house will have to sit without electricity, and what is not known as repairs and calibration may be delayed.

Therefore, the best option - is to install a new device power account. This saves the most important resource - time, and the overpayment will not be as significant as in the installation, repair, calibration and subsequent installation.

Figure 3: Replacing the meter specialist
Figure 3: Replacing the meter specialist
Do not try to repair the Electric yourself, such devices are complex in their design and require certain skills of work with measuring devices. And the defective elements are very difficult to get, just because of the non-working meters, which will have to look at the ads. Result: loss of time, and the ambiguous outcome of repair. Therefore, it is best to invest and set up a new counter, for example, e-mail, to which the manufacturers provide a sufficiently long warranty period