Putting a simple electric motor from the battery and a magnet with his own hands

  • Dec 26, 2019

The task of any motor - convert electrical energy into mechanical motion. Such converters are used in many industries: from serious industrial lines to small motors that lift into the sky quadrocopter. And with a minimum of available tools and basic knowledge of electrical engineering, a small motor can be done independently.


To make a small motor, you need:

  • Basis for power supplies. Put simply - a nest with the conclusions of "+" and "-". For this purpose, suitable old camera - "Soap", unnecessary child's toy or a failed tape.
  • Magnet. The most generous source of small magnets - old dynamics, to the dismantling of which rarely takes more than 15-20 minutes. If there is extra money, you can buy a small neodymium magnet in any store radio.
A small magnet
A small magnet
  • The "finger" battery, Voltage is not more than 1.5 V.
simple battery
simple battery
  • Copper wires 1 mm2, A segment of at least one meter.

When all the "ingredients" of the future of the motor will be assembled, you are ready to assemble.

The sequence of simple motor assembly

The main thing is to carry out a sequence of precisely and accurately, otherwise the result may not quite expected and the engine will not work correctly.

motor assembly sequence:

  1. Wound on the battery a few turns of copper wire. This improvised coil motor of the future, so the coils must go to close to one another and after removal from the batteries to maintain their shape.
  1. Secure the coil windings by two lengths of wire and pieces of the same make short smooth conclusions. At the ends of pins necessary to remove enamel suitable for this purpose or an montorsky stationery knife.
  2. Of the two short lengths of wire to make 2 retainer for the coil, with two small rings at the ends.
  3. Insert the battery into the slot.
  4. Insert the tabs on both sides of the battery, there, where the conclusions of the "+" and "-". Make sure the latch is securely clamped.
  5. The ring clamps to insert the coil terminals.
  6. Put on top of the batteries and the magnet coil is easy to push.
Ready motor
Ready motor

If the construction is done correctly, the coil begins to spin rapidly, as long as the batteries have enough charge. Of course, this engine does not bring tangible benefits at home or on the farm, but it is a direct Example actions natural magnetism and in practice it allows to experiment with bases electrical engineering.

The principle of operation of the electric motor from the battery and magnet

The coil made of several turns of the wire, is also a segment on which the current flows reversible and has on its sides of both positive and negative charges. Which are attracted to a magnet placed below.

To design rotated, it is necessary, first, to correctly calculate the distance from the magnet to the coil, and secondly, to ensure quality contact with the conductors battery terminals. These same wires must also be qualitatively stripped to enamel wire does not interfere with the passage of direct current.

The unique use of ball-antistress
The unique use of ball-antistress

This motor can be used as a unique and interesting addition interior room or office. This toy can always buy in the store, but much more interesting and rewarding to make your own, using available materials and tools.