How to cook borscht for the winter and roll it up in jars

  • Dec 13, 2020

Borsch also belongs to preparations for the winter. Such products save time when you need to quickly warm up something tasty and healthy for a husband who came to lunch in winter, when there are no fresh vegetables and fruits.

Borscht in a jar for the winter. Illustration for the article is used from the site
Borscht in a jar for the winter. Illustration for the article is used from the site

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Borscht in a jar for the winter is a million vitamins that are not found in greenhouse vegetables. In addition, the smell coming from the can will remind you of summer.

What are the positive aspects of such blanks

These dishes do not use thickeners and other additives that make food from the store tasteless and of little use to the human body. Borscht can be made from leftover vegetables that were used for pickles in the summer.

In addition, canning at home will be cheaper than buying the same canning in a store. So how is borscht prepared for the winter?

Ingredients to use to make beetroot

Vegetables and spices that will be needed for the beetroot:

  • cabbage and beets, one and a half kilograms;
  • tomatoes - one kilogram;
  • Bulgarian pepper is not bitter - half a kilo;
  • a pound of carrots and onions;
  • you can add ketchup;
  • sunflower oil - three hundred grams;
  • nine percent vinegar - 5 tablespoons;
  • granulated sugar and salt are added to taste.

The procedure for cooking beetroot for the winter

Steps for making delicious borscht:

  • All vegetables are thoroughly washed under running water.
  • Peel.
  • The cabbage is cut into thin strips.
  • And carrots and beets are rubbed on a grater.
  • Chop onions, tomatoes and peppers, then put into a blender and chop thoroughly.
  • Vegetables from the fifth point are laid out in a container and filled with water.
  • Sunflower oil and other spices are added.
  • They wait until it boils.
  • Then add beets and cabbage with carrots.
  • Then all the products are simmered over low heat for an hour and a half.
Borscht in a jar for the winter. Illustration for the article is used from the website

While cooking, sterilize glassware. After an hour and a half has passed, hot borscht is poured into jars and covered with a rolling machine. Store products in a cool and dark place or basement.

How to cook borscht with tomato paste for the winter

The ingredients should be the same as when cooking beetroot with ketchup. Only now cabbage and peppers are cut into strips. And the rest of the products are cut into small pieces. Tomatoes are also chopped into small pieces.

All products are immediately combined in one pan and mixed thoroughly. Vegetable oil is added. Then add sugar and salt to taste. Add tomato paste.

The resulting mixture is boiled for a quarter of an hour. Then put the garlic and stew again for five minutes.

Now the prepared dish is poured into jars and covered with a machine. Turn upside down and cover with a blanket in a dark place. They are waiting for two days. Then moved to a basement or dark cool place.

Do you cook borscht for the winter?

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