New Life "ushatannoy" kopeck piece 61 m² in Stalin

  • Dec 27, 2019

Decorator Studio Lavka-Design Anastasia Kamensky in the design of your own apartment does not skimp on quality finishes, but never went beyond the modest budget.

  • A place: Moscow
  • The size: 61 m²
  • Who lives here: Cemya designer Anastasia Kamensky
  • Author of the project:Anastasia Kamensky
  • A photo:Sergei Ananiev

Earlier in the old "Stalin" was a long dark corridor, from which you can get into the room and into the kitchen. In the process of re-planning it became clear that it is better not to demolish the wall, despite the fact that they do not carry.

Therefore, they are built in the same place, but strengthened and moved inputs. So living was the passage, it is possible to get out of and into the bedroom and into the kitchen.

"Stalinka" different complex architecture with lots of niches and ledges. In this case, part of the corridor attached to the living room, so the niche embedded library. In another alcove next to the bathroom, there are mini-laundry.

On finishing materials did not save. For example, a simple living room wall painted with white paint, but the floor was laid solid wood "French herringbone".

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Color gamut made from a base combinations of black and white, to which was added in different rooms accent shades of red and blue.

A modern classic in the interior of the "sustained" even adding Indian antique tables and chest of Chinese console.

The kitchen is dominated by blue colors. Paul posted here a complex and intricate pattern of different shape and pattern of tiles.

Transferring the door on another wall it possible to establish a full corner suite and install a round dining table for four persons.

Basic furniture, such as wardrobes in the bedroom and hallway, bought at IKEA. Saving on this decorator could afford more expensive items accent.

So there were chairs in a bright upholstery and curtains with a pattern of "ikat" in a recreation area in the bedroom. For this involved a bay window. Decorator admits that it began with the design of the curtains of the room.

For example, a similar pattern of the same hue issued headboard. Then came the bra and turquoise.

Corridor fragment left alone in the hallway. Here are the primary storage system - have occupied an entire wall fitted wardrobes. And the expansion of the space works great full-length mirror in an elaborate frame.

entry transfer of the kitchen to the living room and allowed to expand to fit the toilet in it's own storage system for household and mini sink.


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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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