Kopeck piece of 65 m² in bright shades for a family with a child

  • Dec 27, 2019

Decorators Peterson Vlad and Natalia Zabanova issued an apartment on the Baltic Sea in the resort style. They combine designer wallpaper with very bright colors and stylish furniture.

Interior room is built on a combination of olive and pink shades. Designer wallpaper with palm trees backed by means of textiles and a sofa with a darker tone cushions - rug from shestriugolnikov.

One of the walls painted in a more vibrant shade of pink. Gold decor complemented floor lamp and a mirror in a frame, the sun on the wall. A chest of drawers can be replaced over the narrow window.

The window overlooks the foyer, there is installed beneath openwork metal console. Originally we wanted to establish Bio Fireplace, but this idea was abandoned, and a slot in the wall preserved to the corridor with natural light. Above the window cabinet, which opens in the direction of the hall, and under it - a chest of drawers in the living room.

The door to the living room toned in color walls - made of pink. But her face in a corridor rich-green. It resonates with the wall with designer wallpaper.

Combine the kitchen and living room of apartment owners did not want to, so decorators have created a sliding wooden partition with glass inserts. A dining table for four persons with rough planks instead of table tops made in the workshop to order, and most of the furniture for this project.

Due to the elongated shape kitchen cooking zone positioned in a dark portion. There appeared U-shaped unit with high cabinets for built-in equipment and a wide working surface. Shade of natural wood combined with the yellow color of the facades.

The wall behind the sink posted bulk tile that resembles fish scales. This is another reference to the sea resort theme. In this case, the interior does not look utilitarian - even here there was a decor and an oval mirror in a bronze frame.

The main wish of the customer has been isolated, living room and children's room. But last we did a pretty low-key and calm in decor. Against the backdrop of a blue wall there was a big blue sofa, which can sleep without expanding.

Area by the window identified by means of a dark contrasting laminate. From the floor he climbs the walls and even the ceiling, creating a kind of decorative frame for a window. Here there was a lounge area with frameless armchair and coffee table.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin founder store design furniture Fields.

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