Vinyl flooring: everything you need to know about it

  • Dec 27, 2019

Warmer tiles, stronger and more practical and cheaper linoleum flooring and laminate - all this on vinyl flooring, which is gaining popularity. We explain how to select it and use in the interior.


Previously, the manufacture of PVC flooring using harmful volatile elements. Modern version is safe and practical.


Vinyl is an important indicator of quality - its thickness. Most budget version 1.1 mm can easily be stacked, but it is different durability. Vinyl tile from 3.5 mm can be very long - usually the manufacturer gives 10-year warranty.


High-quality vinyl floor indistinguishable from wood or ceramics, but much more economical. But many are choosing this material because of the variety of colors and patterns. You can choose almost any option.


There are two options for vinyl floor coverings - and tiled sheet. The first stretches like a regular linoleum, and just have to pick up on the width of the room. Usually, it is cheaper. The second stacked and glued to the floor like a ceramic tile. There are models with grooves, which are assembled by hand without glue. Vinyl tile has excellent sound insulating properties and can be used with the underfloor system

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One of the main advantages of vinyl flooring - its wear resistance, durability, and practicality of care. The only thing it can not tolerate - is abrasive cleaners. It should immediately wipe the floor with spilled oil or acids because they can change the color of the material. In addition, very heavy furniture can leave distinctive indentations on the surface, so take care of rubber or felt pads to the legs.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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