5 ideas that will make your kitchen more convenient

  • Dec 27, 2019

There are many rules and secrets of the ergonomic arrangement of the kitchen, but we chose the five most important. They will help make the process of cooking fun and easy, because everything will always be at hand.

1. proper storage room

All the same, whether it is a pantry, closet or open shelves above the work surface. It is important that the products were in plain sight, and you have always been able to estimate that the ends, and what you need to go to the store. Convenient shelves and transparent capacity will help to quickly make a shopping list and do not give up the recipe because of the fact that any ingredient just ended.

2. Working surface

The smaller the kitchen, the harder it is to find a place for all the necessary household appliances. But sometimes the customer forgets the space between this technique. But you need to be somewhere to put food out of the refrigerator or make a pot with the cooking surface. Designers are advised to provide a backup plan - a kitchen island, a mobile table or even a retractable worktop.

3. Cabinet for tableware

If you often take visitors and got special service, a set of glasses and silverware, you should take care of their storage. Next to everyday dishes there is a risk to break or damage the holiday. Therefore, designers recommend to take care of the window, or even a narrow wall cabinet, which will be located right next to the dining table.

4. Roof for pans

Not for nothing in the professional kitchens of the pan (and pans) normally hang on hooks in the immediate vicinity of the stove. So they take up much less space than if you dump them in a pile on a shelf. In addition, all pans are always in sight and close at hand - at any time, you can choose the right and quickly put on fire. Attach the roof rail with hooks can be directly to the wall or the bottom wall of a pendant locker. Sometimes the hooks are fixed even on the hood.

5. More light

In the kitchen, as in any other room, must be a source of natural light. If obystroili kitchen in a niche or moved, for example, in the hallway, it is possible to build in the window under the ceiling - is already become a little lighter. In addition, there is not a lot of light, so artificial lighting should be sufficient. It is better if the light will go out and the ceiling, and the bottom wall hanging cabinets directly above the work surface.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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