Budget repair their own hands: dvushka 52 m² Series P-44T

  • Dec 27, 2019

On all repairs from the beginning to the end of the one-bedroom apartments of 52 m² it spent 1.3 million rubles.

Living concurrently acts as the parents' bedroom and the youngest daughter, who is only one and a half years. Practical and comfortable sofa from eco-leather brought from the previous apartment, so do not fit into the style.

Later, all in the living room there was a blue chair and floor lamp - a favorite vacation spot of the hosts. As a mat on the floor, it is recognizable objects from IKEA.

The smaller of the rooms was given to the child. As long as it lives only the eldest child, but the desktop window is already designed for two people, and in the bed has an additional pull-bed.

Bed frames shelving for books and toys. A blank wall opposite issued a stylized world map with the main attractions. She, like the whole apartment, very concise and monochrome.

Not only repair, but even most of cabinet furniture made by yourself - its brother gathered mistress apartment.

the kitchen walls painted in a gray color to emphasize the contrast with white suite and tiles apron. The top cupboards weight gain is not up to the door. This is safer, and given the opportunity to place on a modest area of ​​television.

Plan kitchen in the panels of series P-44T is characterized by a bay window. It was used to put round a chair and a corner banquette. Her brother hostess also made himself, taking care of storage space inside.

Throughout the apartment using a single floor and the paint for the walls. It visually expands the space. But at the same sleek Scandinavian style complemented accents. For example, the walls in the hallway were wallpaper with botanical prints.

A lot of trouble the hosts delivered one of the balconies. He is irregular in shape, just 80 cm at its widest part. Despite this, it still managed to insulate, to do here is a mini-office for work. Since the accession to the apartment did not coordinate, then we set the electric heater.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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