Useful application PVC pipes cottage

  • Dec 24, 2019

Thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our gardeners, simple PVC pipes have become a real designer from which is going to a lot of useful and necessary things for the economy. Some of them I want to tell you in this article.

1. Supports for vegetable crops

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Props for garden crops can be made of wooden sticks, ropes and all kinds of nets, and can be constructed from scraps of PVC pipes. The last option would be to look carefully and will last for many years despite the worst weather conditions.

To create a design need long plastic pipe of the same diameter and triple corners. Special tools and special skills are required. With work to handle even far from the construction people. To the corners firmly held the pipe joints can be reinforced with screws.

Design made of PVC pipe can be easily completely disassembled and moved to a new location. This is especially handy if you observe an annual rotation.

2. Frame for greenhouses

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With due skill and dexterity, PVC pipes can be assembled frame for a small greenhouse. The strength of this design will yield a metal counterparts, but it nestrashen condensation and high humidity. Covered by conventional film frame, which is attached by means of clips made from plastic pipes of larger diameter.

The main advantage of this greenhouse is a personal project that you are developing yourself to fit your needs. Beforehand, you can consider the presence of shelves and supporting structure for plants.

To winter hothouse did not fail under a thick layer of snow, the film from the roof should be removed even in late autumn.

3. Protection for beds

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A photo:

That pets are not digging the beds, and the birds do not peck crop planting can be protected by a canopy. Design made of PVC pipes and fine metal mesh. In the presence of all the parts and tools, to establish a framework will take more than an hour. To design is not overturned by the wind, the tube should be attached to stakes driven into the ground. This is done using a wire or small staples.

In order to access the garden beds has always been, on the sides of the grid should be fixed only to the top of the frame. In the process, it flips up, and then descends and is pressed.

4. Props for fruit bushes

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A photo:

Of the remaining renovated scrap PVC pipe can make backups for currants, gooseberries and other garden plants. The main advantage of such structures is the safety. Rounded thick pipe branches will not cause any harm, even in the period of an abundant harvest.

Backups made of PVC are not afraid of severe frosts, hot sun and long-term water stagnation. The material does not rot and does not deform over the years.

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