How to protect the landing of slugs and snails: 5 decent options

  • Dec 27, 2019
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All gardeners situation with slugs and snails are different. Someone pests do not bother at all, someone occasionally come across, but for someone to become a real problem. I belong to the latter category of farmers who each year suffer from nocturnal invasions of mollusks.

Over the years, hobbies horticulture I have tried many different ways to combat slugs. Most were either ineffective or very expensive and complex. However, due to the abundance of all the methods I was able to select some of the most productive, but it is accessible for a simple gardener. On them will be discussed in this article.

Since the improved methods of pest control does not happen, I will tell you how the pros and cons of each method.

1. dry obstacles

1.1 Mustard powder

One of the most popular methods of struggle with the slugs is obstruction of mustard powder. The drug is sprinkled evenly over the dry ground around the plant. Because of the delicate mucous membrane of the slugs are not able to overcome this obstacle. Pests can only turn around and crawl away.

However, despite its simplicity and low cost, the method has one major drawback. Mustard powder will operate as long as the street is not going to rain.

1.2 Crushed egg shells

Crushed egg shells scattered around the plant, will be a great obstacle for slugs and snails for. Abdomen these pests are too vulnerable to overcome a lot of sharp edges of crushed shells.

Unlike mustard powder, eggshell is not afraid of rain, irrigation, and even a little loosening. However, to save the shell to such an extent, that was enough for the protection of plants, it is not easy. It will have to spend the entire autumn, winter and spring.

1.3 Ash and soda

Instead of mustard powder, tree trunks of plants can be sprinkled with a mixture of ash and baking soda. Obstacle will adhere to the mucous membrane of the clams that do not allow the pest to get close to the culture.

To create a powder should be added to one liter of ash two tablespoons of baking soda and mix well.

Obstacle effective, however, as in the case of mustard powder, the method will operate until the first rain.

2. spraying

2.1 soda solution

Also dry obstacles slugs can scare sodium hydrogencarbonate solution. To do this, dissolve in one liter of water a teaspoon of baking soda and treat the green part of the plant.

Soda will not only help get rid of the pests, but also is an excellent preventive tool fungal diseases.

True, this method has two major drawbacks. First, uniformly treat the plant is quite difficult. In the Vautour, the solution is washed off even drizzle.

2.2 A solution of ammonia

If the hand is not soda, as an alternative, you can take an ordinary ammonia. The solution is based on it is struggling with many vegetable garden pests. To prepare 10 ml of mix necessary. 10% ammonia solution with 10 liters of water. The plants are treated by spraying or hand sprayer.

Ammonia great fights with snails and slugs, but it has a few features. The solution is immediately washed off by rain, and its strong concentration can leave burns on plant tissues.

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