Useful use of plastic bottles in the country (Part 14)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Since the release of my latest collection of ways beneficial use of plastic bottles, it's been about three weeks. During this time I was able to gather a few more techniques about which I want to tell you in this article.

1. Communal pots for planting

Photos: Summer worker
Photos: Summer worker

Earlier, I wrote that out of plastic bottles, you can make practical cups for seedlings. However, then it was only about the individual items for each plant. However, a large five-liter cans can cut the whole "communal apartment".

Depending on the culture in such a pot can hold up to 20 plants. In terms of watering and care - it's quite the best solution. In addition, these containers occupy much less space than individual pots. Given the limited amount of light and oxygen, this feature can be a decisive factor when choosing containers for planting.

Cut such "utility" pots of the usual five or six-liter plastic jerry cans from under the drinking water. In order to improve drainage, it is made in the bottom of a 5 to 10 small apertures for drainage of excess moisture.

2. Multi-level pyramid-beds

A photo:
A photo:

Of the necks of the two-liter plastic bottles and a wooden frame, you can make a bed-pyramid. This is a type of vertical beds. The advantage of such crops is a serious space-saving, as well as to create favorable conditions for each plant.

Cultures on such beds are not afraid of weeds and most crawling pests. The design helps to improve air exchange and drainage properties. In addition, to handle such a bed is much easier to classical. In fact, until the predominant part of the plant can not reach the slopes.

To the pot is not stagnated in excess rainwater and irrigation water, is done several drainage holes in the mirrors.

3. For storing water in the soil

A photo:
A photo:

This technique allows to kill as many as three birds with one stone.

  • First, make a uniform root watering without excess moisture;
  • Second, long time to keep the soil moist;
  • Third, get rid of excess moisture in surface irrigation.

The design of our devices is quite simple and is similar to device basal irrigation, but with one difference. Our bottle will be an absorbent material. That he would allow rationally spend and absorb moisture.

We do our miracle device

To create we need the usual 1.5-liter plastic bottle, scissors, needle and old rags.

Take the bottle and do the in it as much as possible of the drainage holes. The thinner a needle is, the more the holes will need to be done. For convenience, the needle can be clamped with pliers.

Next, cut the bottle in half and tightly fill the absorbent material. They can become old socks, pillowcases or cut jeans.

Now stitch the bottle and seal the two halves of the tape or brazing.

A photo:
A photo:

The resulting device bury as close as possible to the roots of plants. The surface should be only the neck.

How does the device

In the case of basal irrigation, water is poured on the neck of the bottle. The impregnated fabric is a long time to give the moisture, which will use liquid efficiently.

In the case of surface irrigation, excess moisture will be first soaked cloth, and then given back to the soil.

A photo:
A photo:

Such an arrangement allows to use less water and to increase the intervals between plant watering.

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