What if the neighbor's tree shades your site

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://mtdata.ru/u25/photoF4F1/20755471650-0/original.jpg
A photo: https://mtdata.ru/u25/photoF4F1/20755471650-0/original.jpg

Earlier, I wrote that my site is located in the Leningrad region, the site of the old marsh. In Soviet times it was drained and turned into a huge gardening.

The earth we is not very fertile, so the sun is one of the main resources. In addition to photosynthesis, it helps to warm up the land and avoid prolonged stagnation of water. (A damp problems occur almost every year, even despite the fact that I have a self-made drainage system).

In our area get a good harvest in the shade is very difficult, I would say that it is practically impossible. Therefore, we must try to ensure that the sun fell on the site throughout the day. One obstacle could be the high neighboring trees.

What if the tree obscures the site?

At the time, I myself faced with the problem of a large tree on the east side of the kitchen garden. The tree was located right on the border areas, so much to obscure several beds and an apple tree.

Then I was lucky with its neighbors, and the issue was solved amicably. The tree was cut down forces horticultural society and we do not even have to spend your money.

(However, we had to spend a lot of time to get at least some help).

If the neighbor refuses to cut trees

If the neighbor refuses to cut trees or compromise (For example, removal of some of the major branches), You need to contact the association. In this case, the law is on your side.

According SP 53.13330.2011 tall trees should be spaced not less than 4 meters from the boundary portion.

A photo: http://cdn01.ru/files/users/images/51/08/5108b21f38fd2cf56c674cd613789e10.jpg
A photo: http://cdn01.ru/files/users/images/51/08/5108b21f38fd2cf56c674cd613789e10.jpg

However, as practice shows, the very fellowship can only scare standards and make recommendations. Physically get cut down it has no right to the tree. However, in most cases, the conversations with the board still convinced the gardener to make concessions.

If the neighbor does not listen to the partnership

If the neighbor continues to refuse to remove the cause of the conflict, it is necessary to go to court. Of course, the law is on your side, but should be prepared properly. It will have to prove not only a violation of the law, but also to substantiate his claim.

For example, apart from the fact shaded areas, you can complain to the many roots that prevent to grow vegetable crops. Also, it is possible to mention the risk of the tree falling, followed by the destruction of your buildings.

Subtleties of the complaint a lot, so it's best to consult with a lawyer. (But only those who have already had experience of such cases.)

Fortunately, in most cases the court stands on the side of victims and requires corrective action. But despite this, I still recommend to try to reach an agreement. At least for part of the sawing branches. In fact, after the Court relations with its neighbors will definitely be spoiled.

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