5 unusual devices that simplify the country life (Part 4)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Every year on the shelves of gardening stores there are more new products that are designed to ease the life of a simple gardener. Some of them really are useful, some are trinkets.

In his article, I try to select only the most practical devices that would need me the most. It is said that some of them I have tried in my garden, so I can objectively evaluate all the positive and negative sides.

1. Gardening gloves with claws

A photo: https://oldidom.ru/upload/iblock/664/6649dfabc4504742e7bf9810ec38dd51.jpg
A photo: https://oldidom.ru/upload/iblock/664/6649dfabc4504742e7bf9810ec38dd51.jpg

Rubberized gardening gloves with plastic claws are best suited for weeding and removal of roots. Solid sharp tips allow loosen the ground without the use of tools that accelerates and to some extent facilitates the work.

However, these gloves have a significant drawback. The plastic nozzle arm does not feel the plant (Roots, earth). Therefore, for planting and care they do not fit.

Personally, I work in such gloves proved inconvenient, but the neighbor buys already the 4th pair. She liked it.

It is said that in recent years began to appear like gloves with claws of different shapes. Apparently, for a different job with the ground.

2. Coils rollers for prispuskaniya

A photo: http://agrosoiltrade.ru/files/core/143_image.jpg
A photo: http://agrosoiltrade.ru/files/core/143_image.jpg

The coils are designed for easy prispuskaniya plants (Tomatoes, cucumbers) both in greenhouses and outdoors. Devices allow you to control the length of the rope during the entire culture period of growth.

By supporting the coil poles are fastened with metal hooks. The maximum weight that can withstand one product - 10 kg. (Weight may vary depending on the size and type of coil)

Acquire such a coil may be in the usual gardening store at a price of 30 to 70 rubles. A large greenhouse will have much to spend, but the products will be 4-5 years.

3. vaccination pruner

A photo: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/q3Y87JIKxd4/maxresdefault.jpg
A photo: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/q3Y87JIKxd4/maxresdefault.jpg

Vaccination secateurs thing is not cheap, but very necessary. Use it to make cuts that are best suited for grafting. Spike exactly one branch enters into the groove of the other, allowing the maximum firmly connect the plant tissues.

Depending on the pruning shears (Type and manufacturer), Included are 2-3 nozzles with different shapes cut. Most Viewed - U, V and omega-shaped. They allow you to instill branches of different thicknesses and shapes.

In addition to vaccination of the blades, the tool has a classic scissors, calculated on the branches of medium thickness.

4. Cordless Grass Shears

Photo: ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1oMqIacvrK1Rjy0Feq6ATmVXaO/2-1-Multi-function.jpg_q50.jpg
Photo: ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1oMqIacvrK1Rjy0Feq6ATmVXaO/2-1-Multi-function.jpg_q50.jpg

In fact, this advanced analogue ordinary scissors for cutting grass and small shrubs. Their work is something similar to a hair clipper. The device has two tightly pressed to each other blade which moving in a horizontal position and picks up cut grass.

The tool works on the battery, so it can be used anywhere in the area.

I would not say that it is a complete analogue of good scissors, but it greatly facilitates the work.

Included with the device are a few tips that allow you to cut bushes and small trees.

From the obvious minuses can be noted that the device eventually begins to discharge quickly, and zazhovyvat grass.

5. Kistederzhatel for tomatoes

A photo: https://images.obi.ru/product/RU/800x600/399056_1.jpg
A photo: https://images.obi.ru/product/RU/800x600/399056_1.jpg

Simple, but rather a practical tool to support trusses of tomatoes. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

If you buy kistederzhateli complete, then the cost will be about the same things 2 rubles. A small price, given that the device helps to avoid problems such as:

  • postponement of fruiting (Up to six weeks);
  • Slowing fruit filling;
  • The decrease in fruit;

Despite its apparent fragility, kistederzhateli can be used to 5-6 seasons. (As practice shows, they are likely to be lost than to break.)

On the other useful devices for the garden, you can read on my site - 5 unusual devices that simplify the country life (Part 5)

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