As I drop a weak seedlings of tomatoes to keep as much as possible of plants

  • Dec 27, 2019
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In this article I want to share my method of planting a weak tomato seedlings, which allows you to save as many plants as possible. I believe that if there is an opportunity to save at least one tomato, it will certainly have to do. After all, the mitigation seedlings you always have time.

Weak seedlings that normal?

The major part of our country's farmers grow the seedlings in their own apartments, which are not intended for horticulture. Therefore, plants are often experiencing a shortage of sunlight, as well as suffering from elevated temperatures. (The latter is particularly important in the event that the seedlings standing on the window sill over a radiator).

Even the most experienced gardeners are not immune to the fact that their seedlings will begin to stretch and weaken. If you do everything right, 5-10% of all plants will still be quite weak. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in the fact that a certain number of tomatoes will be frail.

As I drop weaknesses tomatoes

Weak seedlings of tomatoes I've always planted in the greenhouse. It allocates a separate small flower bed in the bright and well-ventilated place. I have such a place is the corner near the door and window ventilation.

Such conditions are most favorable for the recovery and growth weakened plants.

The whole landing process consists of several steps:

Step 1. Mark up the flower bed

Marking out a bed, remember that between the bushes weak seedlings need to withstand twice the distance. Additional living space will provide:

  • Best provetrivaemost;
  • Better lighting;
  • It allows the tomatoes to get more nutrients and moisture.

In addition, the increased distance will reduce the risk of crop damage during processing and irrigation.

Step 2. We prick out

Before planting seedlings in holes you must put pure wood ash. This will give plants additional nutrients that will help them to settle down in a new place. Throw eggshells I would not advise it can damage shallow roots.

After planting, the plants copiously spilled water at the rate of 4-5 liters per bush. (Watering must be very careful not to blur the roots and do not break our seedlings)

Step 3. Feeding the

After watering, I fertilize the plants a weak solution of iodine (3 drops of iodine in 10 liters water).

At each plant should take about 1 liter of feeding.

Once again, I will pay attention that you need to feed after a heavy watering. Otherwise, the wash water from the land and all the iodine in the feeding will have no wing.

Step 4. sheltering newspapers

Now it is necessary to mulch our seedlings newspapers. This will preserve the land's natural moisture balance without drying out and flooding. For weak plants it is very important to obtain a uniform moisture throughout the day.

In addition, the newspaper will prevent the emergence of any weeds that too is not unimportant, if we try to save the weakened seedlings.

This simple method of landing an elongated and pale seedlings allows me to save a lot of tomatoes. I hope you will help.

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