The original method for growing tomatoes up roots

  • Dec 27, 2019
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At first glance, a method for growing tomatoes upside roots seems absurd. Some gardeners consider it pampering and even mockery of the plants, but they are wrong in many ways.

Abroad, this method is widely used. In gardening stores in Europe can meet special buckets that are designed just for planting roots upwards. In such containers have an opening and a special attachment. However, there are such a bucket is quite expensive. But, it does not matter. They can be made independently from the available recycling.

Advantages planting up roots

Such a method for growing tomatoes has many advantages, some of which are really very powerful. Here are some of them:

  • saving space. Such method saves space and allows you to grow tomatoes, where it is impossible to split the beds.
  • The absence of standing water. How high is not settled soil water in your area, with such a method of cultivation, they will not cause flooding. Even after prolonged rains the water does not stagnate in buckets, and naturally goes through the drain hole.
  • The high degree of protection against pests. Chance of pests getting into the soil and the plants themselves are extremely small. But if this happens, bring the parasites will be much easier than in the open field;
  • The high degree of protection against disease. The risk of infection by viral and fungal diseases is reduced at times;
  • Reduced load. In limbo, on the trunk of the plant load is reduced by several times, even during fruiting. This avoids the bruises and injuries throughout the growth time and the development of tomato;
  • Simplified harvest. Harvest with hanging plants much easier. Firstly, one can see all the fruits. Second, do not have to bend down to tilt the plant;
  • The lack of weed problems. When the weeds will not do serious harm to our tomatoes. In addition, to remove them out of the closed space is not difficult;
  • Warming up the root system. The sun will heat a bucket, which will allow the root system to warm up properly. (To avoid overheating on sunny days, you can wrap the bucket with foil)
  • Ability to change location. Plants growing in this way, you can always move or move. This feature is useful in case if you realize that tomatoes are not enough sunlight, oxygen or disturbed water metabolism.

What is the productivity of this method

Gardeners who practice this method argue that productivity is improved. However, when I conduct their own experiment, a special difference is not seen. We read that the yield is the same as in the classic landing in open ground.

Planting tomatoes up roots

If you adapt himself, planting tomatoes by this method can be quite fast. Naturally, if the hand is all you need.

For planting, we need:

  • Healthy seedlings of tomato;
  • Fertile soil, sand and ash;
  • Prepared a bucket;
  • Moss or drainage material.

The whole process is divided into four simple steps.

Step 1. Prepare tank

Prepare the container is not as difficult as it seems. It would be the best plastic bucket capacity of 10 to 15 liters. The plastic should be strong, so that the bottom and the walls do not bend under the weight of soil, water and plants.

First we have done in the middle of the bottom hole diameter of 3-5 cm. Next to the bucket Fasten handle which is able to withstand up to 20 kg. (The design will not weigh more than 15 kg, but it is better to do with a stock)

Step 2. insert the plant

In order to drop the tomato we must temporarily suspend our bucket. This can be done at any convenient location.

The weighing bucket insert seedlings so that the root is located in the bucket, and the green part peeking out through the hole (downward). You can do this in two ways. By linking the branches and thrusting the stem inside the bucket or removing part of the land to insert back up. In any case, our task is not in any way damage the plant.

After the tomato will be in the bucket around the stem to do drainage (So ​​that it covers the hole in the bottom). This is done so that when watering the water is not washed away the fertile soil of our capacity. This can be used moss or dense fabric permeable to air and water.

Step 3. Fill a bucket with soil

Now we need to fill our bucket of fertile soil. Our task is to make a more balanced mix can be. To do this, you can take the compost, mix it with fertile ground (Sold in gardening stores), Add a little sand and ash.

Filling a bucket, trying to root nebyli strongly flattened and damaged.

Step 4. Dangle bucket

Now you need to find a bright, well-ventilated (But not purged) a place. Suspend our need buckets at a distance of not less than 15 cm. apart. This will allow the plants to keep the right living space.

That's all, the process of planting tomatoes is completed.

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