Getting rid of the mice using a home-made trap from plastic bottle

  • Dec 27, 2019

The appearance of the mice in a holiday home is a long-standing problem of many gardeners. Despite its small size, the rodents are able to deliver a lot of headaches. Among their antics are several very unpleasant:

  • Mice gnaw wires, which often leads to a short circuit and fire. This is particularly scary in the country, where all the buildings are made of wood and combustible materials;
  • Mice regale food reserves, making it unfit for human consumption;
  • Mice tolerate a wide variety of diseases, including E. coli and typhoid;
  • Rodents leave a huge amount of life traces than heavily pollute the cellars and empty houses;

Should I go on about the Neighborhood cons with mice? I think not. Those who are faced with these rodents, and without me well know about them.

Make a trap

There are many different ways to deal with mice. The most common are based on poisons and sticky surfaces. However, such methods are not suitable for those who live in the house pets. In addition, they all require financial investment and time to store the search.

Therefore, I want to offer a simple, but quite effective solution in the form of a trap from a plastic bottle. The adaptation is made from readily available materials, without special tools or knowledge.

Provided that you have on hand is everything you need to take the process of creating no more than 1 hour.

Principle of operation

The mechanism operates on the principle of traps and locks rodent in the bottle as long as we do not get him out. This happens as follows:

  • Mouse gets into the bottle through the neck in the hope of control feed, which is located near the far wall;
  • It runs through the whole bottle and eats the bait;
  • In an attempt to go back, he runs to the neck, but the bottle is gently lowered and closes the escape route.

How much would a rodent is not rushed, out he can not.

Process of creation

As I wrote above, the whole process of creation should not take you more than an hour. You'll need:

  • 1.5 liter plastic bottle;
  • A base plate for a length of about 30 cm .;
  • 3 short pruning bar;
  • Spoke for knitting or scrap thick wire;
  • "Bars", which will hold the spokes. It can be wood or metal hinges, as in our case.

Of the tools we need only an awl, hammer and nails.

  • Take the plastic bottle, mark up and do the center through hole so that therethrough could thread the needle;
  • Next, a base and take screwed (nailed) thereto for supporting spokes;
  • We establish our bottle. If done right, the bottle must be balanced;
  • Now we take two bars and nailed to the ground so that the bottle was in a horizontal position. (The bar near the bottom should touch the bottles, and the bar around the neck - no).
  • The side of the timber located under the neck nailed dostku-pripyatstvy. That it will delay our prisoner in the bottle.

That's it, the trap is ready. Check the machine several times. During the tilt, the neck should be closely overlapping board.

Trap in

Rodent runs into the bottle and runs an entertainment feast at the very end of the trap.

Once the bait is eaten, Mouse hurried back and run to the neck. But as soon as the animal crosses the center of the bottle tipped over and the entrance will be blocked by the board.

That's all, rodent caught. Now you only have to remove the bottle from the trap and take the prisoner to the nearby forest.

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