Errors that make ash useless and harmful fertilizers

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Wood ash has long been one of the top aides of the gardener. From it make infusions, it fertilizes the ground, it helps in the fight against pests and diseases. But is it any ash suitable for use in the garden? Unfortunately not.

In this article I want to tell you about the main mistake made by gardeners during the production and storage of wood ash.

It would seem that you can do wrong? Burned wood waste, collected ash - fertilizer ready. But not all so simple.

1. The purity of combustible material

ash wood quality depends on the combustible material. Ideally, the fire should be only healthy and strong wood. Wood should be well burn naturally, without outside help.

Burning is not allowed:

  • Chipboard and various composite materials. In their structure contains adhesive resin and harmful;
  • A timber with paint and lacquer coating;
  • plywood;
  • A timber on which the previously deposited stain or impregnation;

Make sure that the boards do not contain plastic rivets and the "bugs".

2. The purity of the furnace

Make sure to clean the oven or the place where the fire will be diluted. If you have previously burned household trash (candy wrappers, bags, bottles, etc.), fly to the garden from this place is better not to take.

Contact with even small amounts of toxic substances from combustion of plastics makes useless and harmful fertilizer.

3. Leaching of nutrients

Never fill pyre water. He should go out on their own. Otherwise, you will wash out of the ashes and all the useful nutrients. They will go into the ground, and you will remain a "dead substrate".

4. Immediately remove the ashes of the deposit

After the fire was extinguished began to cool, just remove the ash deposit. To do this, it is best to fit a metal box with a tight lid.

If a long time to leave the ashes in the open air, the wind will spread all light particles, and the rain will wash the nutrients. The effectiveness of the ash as fertilizer greatly reduced.

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