What if the beginning of the heat a little cellar

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: http://bouw.ru/userfiles/1475_3.jpg
A photo: http://bouw.ru/userfiles/1475_3.jpg

For many growers cellar is the only place where they can be stored for a long time their fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the appearance of water on the floor of the store becomes a real surprise. After all, along with the water in the cellar comes catastrophic mold and humidity. Store the harvest in a room becomes impossible.

Even a small puddle on the floor of the cellar are signs of a serious problem, which can not turn a blind eye. It is not necessary to comfort themselves with the thought that the water is the result of large amounts of condensate, and all easy to decide ventilation.

In this article I want to talk about what to do if the cellar with the harvest beginning of the heat a little.

We determine the cause of the water

First and foremost, you must determine the cause of flooding. To do this, you must clear the entire contents of the cellar, including shelves, drawers and shelves.

Now, the room needed a good clean out and dry. You can use household air dryer or heat gun. If the hand is not the instrument, simply wipe the walls, floor and ceiling dry rags.

Next ventilated cellar and begin to wait.

A few days later on the walls, floor or ceiling will start to appear stains or wet spots. On them you can determine the cause of flooding. I would highlight three main ones:

  • Groundwater;
  • Surface water.

1. groundwater

If the floor in the lower parts of the walls of the water begins to appear, it is likely the cause of flooding is highly placed groundwater.

This means that your cellar, in the truest sense of the word, standing in water. The problem is very serious and often require major repairs cellar.

2. surface water

If wet spots begin to appear on the ceiling or upper parts of the walls, are the cause of surface water flooding. This is the least serious problem that can be solved on their own.

For surface waters include rain and meltwater.

Saving cellar from flooding

Once we have identified the cause of flooding, it is necessary to urgently start repairing the cellar. Otherwise, keep the harvest will soon be nowhere.

1. If the reason - groundwater

To begin, we define the extent of the problem. If the water comes into the room of a large number of cracks in different parts of the cellars - will have to make repairs. To cover the gap does not work, waterproofing should be done again.

If water trickles from only one small crack, you can solve the problem without major repairs. To this end, in the concrete must hollow groove width of about 10 cm over the entire length of the crack. The depth should be 2/3 of the wall thickness cellar.

Now you need to shed profusely slot asphalt in several layers. (Fill one layer forward when dries, pour the next layer). Between the layers of roofing material can be laid.

After that, we drill small holes in the wall, into which was inserted nails fastened by wire, metal mesh or rebar cutter. Our task is to create a solid foundation on which to hold the concrete. Now we concreting our groove.

All work must be carried out on a dry wall. Moisture can beat a hair dryer or air dryer.

2. If the reason - surface water

If the cause of leakage is surface water and moisture penetrates from the ceiling, it is necessary to remove all the ground from the top of the cellar. Thoroughly clean and dry floors. After that, pour hot tar and put on top of several layers of roofing material.

Instead of land on the roof is better to put the clay. This is done in several layers with a dense compacted. For beauty, you can fall asleep on top fertile soil and seeded with grass.

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