Location in a pot with orchid green plaque and what to do

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://st.stranamam.ru/data/cache/2013mar/13/18/7616760_14410.jpg
A photo: https://st.stranamam.ru/data/cache/2013mar/13/18/7616760_14410.jpg

Sometimes the owners of orchids notice on the walls of the pot on the inside of a small green patina. He is particularly noticeable immediately after watering. When the ground dries out, pale green spots, or even completely "disappear".

What is it? Harmful if plaque for the flower?

What is a green plaque?

Green plaque on the walls of the pot with the orchid is not that other, as algae or mosses. Their appearance is due to two factors:

  • the presence of light. That is why with a green patina face, mainly owners of transparent pots;
  • The presence of moisture. Constant humidity and poor drainage create favorable conditions for the life and development of algae.

Harmful if green flush to flower?

Neighborhood with algae or moss does not bear a direct threat to the flower, but makes less comfortable environment. You need to solve the problem, but it is not very urgent.

The thing is that mosses and algae compacted substrate, deteriorating drainage and air exchange. In addition, out of the ground consume mosses nutrients that are so essential to the flower.

Orchid can coexist for a long time this kind of parasites. However, if you want a full healthy flower, algae and mosses have to get rid of.

How to deal with a green patina?

The most effective solution - to transplant the orchid in an opaque pot with new soil. No light will not give a green patina to appear and survive.

Repotting orchids is best done in the period of active growth, for example, in the spring. To avoid future occurrence of moss and algae, keep watering regime. Always leave some dry between watering days.

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