More than 10 years of proximity to hedgehogs: summing up

  • Dec 27, 2019
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I previously wrote about how the hedgehog first settled in my garden plot. Since its introduction has passed a lot of time and several generations of animals. It's time to sum up the results of neighborhood.

In this article I want to talk about how the hedgehog coped with their "gardening duties." After all, I podselyala him to her as an assistant in the control of many garden pests such as slugs, snails, beetles, caterpillars and various larvae.

During his stay hedgehog I became a true friend. In the evenings, he often rustles in the grass and the whole family are going to feed him some sweets. You could even say that the hedgehog has turned into our garden pet.

Where a lot of reading that hedgehogs carry mites and harmful insects, but never with this not encountered. How not looked narrowly, urchin spines are always clean and tidy. For various diseases can only say one thing - nobody does not get sick, and no problems were observed.

I have long feared that the hedgehog can trample seedlings break the bow and delicate flower stems. Nothing like this happens. Actually, very rarely I see traces of it in the middle of the beds. As I watched him walk, mainly in the thick grass.

With neighboring pet hedgehog does not conflict. It happens that in the evening males find someone among the bushes, but our friend quickly hiding and that's an end.

As for insects, the slugs and snails become much smaller. Especially in recent years. For the rest, all also remains as it was before the hedgehog. However, all moles are gone from the area. This is due to the barbed friend or not - I do not know. But, most of these underground pests, I do not watch.

But, you know, even if hedgehog I could not help, I'd still got himself such a neighbor. This little prickly animal warms my soul simply by the fact of its presence.

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