5 unusual devices that simplify country life (Part 3)

  • Dec 27, 2019

Among the unusual adaptations to testify I select only those that might need me the most. Knowing a country life, I try to find the most practical and relatively inexpensive items.

1. handheld shower

A photo: https://cdn.filtromag.com.br/imagens/filtro/3586_1405032107_chuveiro-de-bolso-6.jpg
A photo: https://cdn.filtromag.com.br/imagens/filtro/3586_1405032107_chuveiro-de-bolso-6.jpg

Quite a useful tool, the purchase of which I think is not the first year. This allows a quick shower to rinse after work on a hot day. Unlike the baths, for its preparation does not need to waste time.

Device is hung in any convenient place. This may be a thick branch, visor or specially dug in the roof pillar. Shower filled with water through a garden hose connected to the water supply. The liquid level can be easily recognized by the shape of the tank.

On a sunny day, the water is heated rather quickly, so typing shower at 9 am to 15 hours it is already possible to wash.

In a device placed in a small folded bag sized bag. It is much more compact than a shower with a barrel.

2. Apron for collecting berries

A photo: https://kopilohka.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/collage-117.jpg
A photo: https://kopilohka.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/collage-117.jpg

Simple, but pretty convenient tool helps to collect berries and small fruits. These aprons come in all sizes and are selected depending on the collection conditions.

When choosing an apron, note the following features:

  • Shoulder straps and belt, which is attached device must be wide enough. Otherwise, you will quickly natret neck, shoulders and lower back;
  • apron, the framework should not be hard, otherwise you will quickly get tired and the work to become a torment;
  • Do not take too big apron with it will be inconvenient to collect currant and gooseberry.

Aprons come in like a skeleton, and without it. Which one is better - you decide. Everyone chooses to your taste and color.

3. Greenhouse Tent

A photo: http://cpykami.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/8-39.jpg
A photo: http://cpykami.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/8-39.jpg

A small greenhouse tent is an analogue of homemade greenhouses of metal arcs and film. Its main advantages are:

  • Fast assembly and disassembly does not require special knowledge;
  • Enough stable construction that can withstand even hurricane-force winds (Of course within reasonable limits);
  • Groomed appearance;
  • Several doors that allow easy access to all corners of the beds;
  • Ventilation window in the roof, which allows you to ventilate the greenhouse without creating drafts.

The whole thing is quite comfortable, but not cheap. When compared with a homemade greenhouse, the cost of adaptation will be 5-6 times more expensive.

4. Highrise Lopper

A photo: https://images.obi.ru/product/RU/1500x1500/113837_4.jpg
A photo: https://images.obi.ru/product/RU/1500x1500/113837_4.jpg

Highrise Lopper - is combined with a saw and shears attached to the long aluminum handle. Due to light alloys and plastics, appliances weight is quite small, it can not be said about the price. The cost of such shears starts from 7 thousand. rubles. For the comfort and convenience have to pay.

Device allows file away and trim the branches to a height of 6 meters without the use of ladders. Great care high fruit trees.

Lopper has a fold-out handle, which makes it comfortable to work at any height. A very useful thing for a large garden.

5. unusual ripper

A photo: https://images.ru.prom.st/547832182_w1024_h1024_954571__3_.jpg
A photo: https://images.ru.prom.st/547832182_w1024_h1024_954571__3_.jpg

Device is fixed forks on a small platform. This design accelerates the digging process and makes it easier to order.

Ripper works as follows. Forks are stuck into the soil and ground layer poddevat which lifting loosened on the grid disposed on the platform.

The cost of this ripper starts at 1 thousand. rubles. It is available for most gardeners.

On the other useful devices for the garden, you can read on my site - 5 unusual devices that simplify the country life (Part 4)

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