Getting rid of the carrot fly without problems: personal experience

  • Dec 27, 2019

The hard work of the gardener may degrade or completely negate the carrot fly, which is capable of destroying young roots or leave unpleasant traces of their life within the adult carrot, already laid down in the storage.

This pest is so common that one way or another every gardener faced with the consequences of his presence.

The dangerous carrot fly

The first fly's reach, well larvae which winter in the soil occurs during the flowering of fruit trees, when the soil warms up above 10 degrees.

The greatest danger is the first generation of the pest for the young shoots of carrots. Only one individual is able to eat about a dozen small roots.

Fly second-generation leaves its larvae in the upper part of root, where the pest gets inside and spoils the roots throughout their growth and storage.

Ways to combat carrot fly

Not all gardeners know how to deal with this threat, although there are many methods and they are available:

  • Crop rotation, which involves changing the place of growing vegetable crops. This will prevent prevent another attack of pest and protect against many infectious diseases;
  • Mixed planting carrots and various crops publishing sharp and unpleasant odor for flies.
    For example, marigold, onion, calendula. If you put the carrots next to onions, you can get rid not only of the carrot fly, but also from the onion. These insects - pests can not live in peace;
  • The construction of the beds with carrot canopies of non-woven material, blocking the path of the fly, which does not rise above 70-80 cm above ground level;
  • Timely thinning carrots;
  • Hilling, given that the roots tend to stick out of the ground, which gives an excellent opportunity larvae settle on carrots;
  • Use of biological agents;
  • Traditional methods aimed at scaring the pest - treatment beds aqueous solutions of ammonia, salt, onion peel, orange peel.

Some gardeners even laid out the garden beds naphthalene.

As I struggle with carrot fly

Carrots grow every summer in a new place. I noticed that her landing mixed with onions are beneficial for carrots, and onions. During the summer spiked to the ground root crops are sprayed with infusion of onion or garlic husk.

To display the pest, and at the same time to escape from the garden ants, which there are many in my garden, the ground sprinkled with red pepper, water saline.

Print the fly is not difficult, if not to plant carrots in the same place and apply the mixed planting. Then you do not have to spend money on and biologics.

Competent horticultural approach, prevention and continuous care for culture will allow to forget about the carrot fly.

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