Accidentally unearthed in the garden ant: what to do to not run away pests

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Very often, digging in the garden, you can accidentally stir underground anthill. And it happens so suddenly that often do not even know what to do next. Pests quickly begin to spread over the site and time to think not at all.

You can, of course, leave it as is and let the ants run. But then they settle in another place and continue to damage the vegetable garden. Therefore, I do not advocate this method.

For their horticultural practice I developed for myself a small sequence of actions in a given situation. He is quite simple and takes into account the fact that you are completely unprepared to meet these insect pests.

  • Once you stumble upon an anthill in the garden, just stop digging. The more you dig out, the more insects begin to scatter in different directions;
  • As soon as possible, pour the ground excavated part of the anthill. It will not stop the ants, but much delay.
    If insects disturbed, they will sooner or later run away. Our task is to make it happen as late as possible;
  • Of course, it would be great to pour hot ashes in an anthill, but it likely will not close at hand. Therefore, immediately run to the kitchen and boil kettle. It is better to put on a plate two pot (or pots) with a small amount of water. This will reduce the time of boiling;
  • We go back to the anthill, unearths it and shed abundant boiling water. This will kill most ants on the surface and clog passages those who remained under the earth;
  • Now we have a time out to get the ashes, or other means of destroying.

These simple steps will help to destroy the majority of the ants before they leave their damaged shelter and run away on the site.

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