Getting rid of dampness in the cellar

  • Dec 27, 2019

For many growers cellar is the only way to preserve their fruit and vegetables fresh for a long period of time. Unfortunately, the size of our balconies and refrigerators do not allow us to store even half of the total harvest. Therefore, additional space in a cellar is often a necessity.

One of the main problems faced by owners of the cellar is damp. That it leads to the appearance of mold and mildew, as well as destroys the cellar design.

There are quite a few ways to deal with dampness. Some are only available for those living in the country throughout the winter, and some help without a human presence.

This article focuses only on the most effective and proven. In particular, I seated on the method used by itself.

Where in the damp cellar

There are many causes of dampness in the cellar. Almost all of them are connected with imperfection of a design store. But this has nothing to do about it. Remodel cellar occupation is very time-consuming and expensive.

To be honest, none of my neighbors do not have a dry cellar. In all some of his problems with dampness. This is not surprising. Vaults were built during the Soviet Union, and now they are in a "state of emergency".

If you analyze the main causes of dampness, then several of them:

  • High standing groundwater. This is a very common cause. It is particularly relevant for the cellar with a dirt floor. But, from groundwater may suffer from any type of storage;
  • underflooding. Not to be confused with groundwater. If the cellar periodically heat a little, the reason lies in the wrong design. This is a fairly serious problem, the solution of which will require a revision of the repository design. The whole difficulty lies in the large amount of water, which falls into the cellar for a short period of time;
  • surface water. Not sealed ceiling and walls can cause to enter the premises of surface water. Simply put, from the ceiling to you will be dripping rainwater;
  • Condensate. Poor ventilation can cause a large amount of condensate. Do not underestimate the problem. Moisture can be so much that it starts to accumulate in small puddles.

There are also more rare causes. For example, a neighbor contrary, cellar flooded with water from the pipe burst. With mold struggled for a long time.

How to get rid of dampness in the cellar

I share all the methods to combat the dampness in the cellar into two categories:

  • If you live in the country in the winter and can regularly devote time to the issue;
  • If you are wintering in the city and visit the cottage is very rare.

1. If you are wintering in the country

If you spend the whole winter in the country (or very often come to it), you will be available for processes that require regular attention.

  • sprigs of juniper. Truly the people's favorite, and many method. You must take a small bunch of juniper twigs and expanded in the cellar. After 15 days we obtain arms and send to vymorozki, and in its place we expand other branches. According to those who have used this method - in the cellar dry and never mold;
  • Appliance dehumidifier. The thing is quite expensive, but effective. But do not forget that the storage of vegetables is necessary to maintain a sufficiently humid air. Therefore, the device should be used intermittently, constantly checking the humidity.

2. If you are wintering in

If you are wintering in the city and visit the cottage rarely will help you in the following ways:

  • bag of salt. It is known that salt absorbs water well. Therefore, to reduce the humidity in the cellar put a heavy cloth bag that substance. Packaging must not be sealed, otherwise the salt will not be able to absorb moisture.
  • A bucket of quicklime. The method that I use myself. I consider it the most effective if you do not visit the cellar for a long amount of time. In the middle of the store put a basin or bucket filled with quicklime. If a dark cellar, it is better to put on the capacity of the stool to the spring do not stumble accidentally. The lime will absorb all the excess moisture and mold problems will not arise.

I hope these simple tips will help you get rid of damp in your cellar.

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