How to get rid of bindweed (birch) in the garden

  • Dec 27, 2019

Fighting bindweed (birch,) it is not easy, and that's why. This plant belongs to the type of weeds that form offshoots. It has a strong and well-developed root system, which gives life to new germs.

Bindweed transcend even the deepest digging, because of damage to the roots immediately begin to appear new plants. Very often, the damage to the root system has the opposite effect, and it becomes even more weed.

Cutting off the green part of the plant from the bindweed also not get rid of. Strong roots will give new shoots, and the process is repeated again.

Whether effective chemistry

If we talk about a very strong chemistry, then - yes, it is effective. But, you have to throw the whole earth, to poison got to the roots. Only in this case, the plant will die. But there are two serious disadvantage, because of which I do not advise to use the chemicals:

  • To poison acted, it must reach the entire root system. But, it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. Very often, the roots survive and spread of the weed continues;
  • After the use of chemicals, the quality of the land deteriorates. For a while it ceases to be fertile.

If you use chemicals only for the green parts of the plant, then a chance of total destruction is greatly reduced. The strength of the weeds that form offshoots lies underground in their root system.

Do hand weeding is effective

In theory, the complete destruction of the entire root system and green parts of the plant must destroy bindweed. But I have not met a gardener who would be able to manually remove the whole root. Always remain small bits and pieces that keep the development of weed.

Manual removal will effect only on very small plots. At the same time, it should not only uproot the roots, but also to sift all the nearby land. From the first time you are unlikely to get rid of weeds, so the process will be repeated several times.

The essence of my method

As I mentioned earlier, the power of bindweed lies in its root system. It feeds the underground part of the sprouts until they become green and start the process of photosynthesis. After that, the new plant begins to fill root nutrients, and the process is repeated with a new germ.

The essence of my method is to drain the roots and deprive him of his "life force." This can be done by using proper weeding. It's simple, but very time consuming.

Is required to keep all appeared sprouts before they begin to form leaves. We need this in order to give the root as much nutrients as possible, anything without receiving in return.

After removal of the growth, root immediately let second and will also give their "power". After the third time the root of the exhausted and die himself.

To load a method, it is very important:

  • Delete all sprouts on the designated site. Even if a few plants will continue to nourish the roots, the process will continue indefinitely;
  • Hide sprouts need at the root before thatAs they begin to form the leaves;
  • After the last seedling will be destroyed, for the site should be carefully make another season.

This simple, but time consuming method will allow to get rid of bindweed, thus, maintaining soil fertility.

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