How to get rid of spider mites on houseplants

  • Dec 27, 2019

Despite its tiny size, spider mite is a serious danger for houseplants. Like many other pests, it feeds on sap of leaves, which results in their withering. At the leaves can be lost and the plant itself, because the process of photosynthesis is broken and circulation of nutrients. That is why, with the spider mites have to start fighting immediately after his arrival.

Despite its name, this little pest is not always weaves a web. Very often it is difficult to detect. Cobweb appears only when a large population of these parasites.

preventive measures

It is always easier to prevent occurrence of a pest than later to deal with it. Therefore, it is best to carry out simple preventive measures.

Since spider mites prefer a dry habitat, the plant should be regularly irrigated with plain water. This will reduce the chances of the tick.

Getting rid of spider mites

If spider mite is still captured your plant, you need to start a fight as soon as possible.

1. Prune all infected leaves

First, you need to cut off all the yellow and the affected leaves. Do it best with sharp scissors, so as not to cause further harm to the plant.

On all infected leaves are still very many pests, it is better to throw the trash on the street, or even burn. Do not be sorry sheet, it will not be able to recover.

2. my plant

After all the affected leaves are cut off, you need to thoroughly wash the plant. Make it better in the bathroom, under plenty of running water. But if this is not possible, you can use a damp cloth.

3. target plants

Once the plant is completely dry, apply a remedy for ticks. This can be Fitoverm, Neoron or any other strong medication.

Means processed everything. Special attention should be paid to the pallet. It is generally better to pour scalded with boiling water.

After the treatment, the plants around the need to create a "greenhouse". This is done using a plastic bag. We need a "greenhouse" to the drug has penetrated into all the cracks and holes.

That is all our fight against spider mites is finished. For the prevention of drug treatment can be carried out even 1 - 2 times. It will kill parasites that emerged from larvae after previous treatment.

The fight against spider mites is not easy, but important. If you do not pay attention to this little pest, you can lose all houseplants.

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