Get rid of rats in the garden ground: inexpensive humane method

  • Dec 27, 2019

In fact, these earthen mammals have little or no relation to familiar to us rats. They even refer to the family of mice - voles. The truth is it does not matter for us, because of the problems do not become less.

1. The more dangerous the Earth Rat

Earthmoving rats can easily claim to be the "number one enemy of the garden." They grow quickly, are nocturnal hunting, and during the day hiding in the secret underground passages. It is very difficult to fight with them, because rodents are smart and crafty.

Eat the Earth Rat everything they see. And this is very bad news for any gardener. The danger refuses everything what can reach this rodent. Root vegetables, plants, flowers, fruits - yes anything. Large healthy individuals did not disdain even the weeds.

Earth Rat see on the surface is difficult, they rarely go out of their shelters. Therefore, gardeners often miss the time of settlement of the pest and suddenly remember only when rodent begins to actively proliferate.

2. Why infest Earth Rat

The first reason is occurrence excavation rat food, which is abundantly present in any summer cottage. A large number of provisions makes it possible not only to feed themselves in the summer, but also prepare for the winter.

The second cause of excavation rats are seekers. In the garden of their site very much. Sheds, makeshift design, basements, cellars - all this can be an excellent home for the little pest. In addition, rodents will actively use the moves that were previously dug moles and shrews.

The neighborhood with the person they are not particularly embarrassing. For rats essential food, shelter and relative safety.

3. Getting rid of earth rats

Start a fight with the Earth Rat need as soon as you find her tracks. Time to think practically no. If rodent offspring will, chances for a successful deliverance sharply reduced.

I would not advise to use mechanical methods for the destruction of rats, such as a mousetrap. Firstly, it is not humane. Secondly, this rodent infestation can quickly and overfishing all this way not to succeed. You vvyaznite in a protracted war which has no end.

It is best to scare away the rats, to create for them the intolerable conditions of existence. And to do it is not difficult.

The method

Earthmoving rats do not tolerate sharp odors, as well as small mechanical obstacles. Therefore:

  • Take the jar with hot water and dilute it Vishnevsky ointment. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous liquid. So the solution is treated areas, manholes and cover rodent. Pungent smell confuse the pest, but is unlikely to immediately leave the place of their belongings. Therefore, we continue to fight on;
  • Take the old crop of natural wool and skins, add them into a pile and set on fire. Simmer as soon as they were scorched. Charred remnants pushed into the hole, spread near the passages and habitats;
  • Then proceed to the creation of obstructions. We collect a large number of spruce needles and decompose before mink, in the aisles, the beds and everywhere, where once there was seen a rodent.

Our actions will create unbearable living conditions, pest and will soon leave the site. True, it is necessary to try. Thus the need to process all the moves, burrow and habitat.

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