Disassembled drill of the USSR and was surprised by the quality

  • Dec 28, 2019

In the last article I barely managed to guess how to remove the cartridge from the axis of the Polish drills, mass delivered in due time to the union. Further disassembly of the unit is almost caused me difficulties. Therefore, we sit down and consider not kill inside of the unit.


Shot cartridge from the tool shaft.

Remove the plastic housing and handle in one.

Brush pulled out, they are quite alive. Is there a turn-off to the extent of wear, do not know them.

Remove the bolts on the gear housing.

We reveal. Before us appear pinion gear in the old grease.

I was most surprised by the detail marked with a red arrow. It rotates and takes a huge load on the conversion rate into force without relying not on the one bearing. Only a long section of the shaft thrust in duralumin body. However, it comes and goes in his place with an interference fit. This means virtually no wear. But it was a very long drill "Yuzana". As evidenced by its structural condition.

From the left to the motor housing and a small gear. With the right gear with the large gear. Due to such a transfer speed shaft drill small, and high power.

In the lower right corner of the shaft on which with the help of Morse taper is pushed cartridge. Just before us is the thrust bearings.

In reduktare old grease has been removed. And meet new gear units.

Frankly, I was afraid to pull the rotor from the stator. He is very amenable to, and do not want to use force. I know what it can end.

Native bearing on the rotor is still alive.

An electrician in the pen body, is not a native switch.

And start capacitor is still native.

Drill gathered back and insert the other switch. Permanent inclusion. Dangerously! But this is done in order that I installed it into a rack for drill which already came with aliekspress.

Many readers wrote that this drill can successfully stand up to the special rack. I have it already installed. But more about that next time. In the meantime, check out the reception for a drill with aliekspress - link.

I hope you have been interesting. Checkin Like at my article, so I know what is useful for you.