Filter stealing water. Check your water purifier.

  • Dec 28, 2019

A month ago, was shabashki for replacing water meters, all safely passed, I found no leaks and problems. Work fairly easy, especially for working me- plumber. But suddenly from the landlady received a phone call:

- "You have put me defective water meters" Water meters to buy myself. - "Come and do something for a month this damn device
I clocked up an extra 15 cubic meters of cold water ".-

So buy santehpriborov customers usually do not, but this time it was led to the request of the pensioner, and he made an exception. On the phone I started to explain:

- "By itself, the counter readings can not cheat. After a water meter must pass water, most likely you have a faulty cistern, water tight bottom valve. "-

Before I could finish, she says to me - "Do I have a cock on the toilet, I closed it and the counter will still shakes his testimony." -

Well, I think the old grandmother something confuses have to go to the address. At the site it turned out really cistern is OK, no leaks. In 99 percent of cases of overruns of cold water is the faulty valves in the toilet, and then a miracle of some sort. Cranes are closed, and the water goes through the meter. Went into the kitchen, got under the sink, I began to look for leaks.

And suddenly, I hear the sound of water, I noticed that the "grandmother" standing water filter, with a good degree of purity, darling. She had it connected to the cold water, pure water is discharged through the tap. But this filter also has a connection to kanalizatsii-'s back and ran 15 cubic meters of water. So much for the system, and it is called "reverse osmosis". The filter cleans the filter element from contaminating the membrane in a sewer. A clean water enters the tap.

Closed the cock feeds the water treatment system, is proud to shout pensioner:

- "Check the counter rotating?" -

- "No, my son, stopped spinning" - replied with a cheerful tone in the voice of the grandmother.

four way valve, reverse osmosis, a possible breakage.
four way valve, reverse osmosis, a possible breakage.

The system of filters with reverse osmosis, be honest, I do not understand. Therefore I recommend the pensioner will turn to a company that has set it up. But the answer was:

- "No way, they have deceived me, and slipped the unit for 25 thousand.

- "And how long have you changed the filter elements?" - I asked.

- "Yes, neither of which I did not change, two years constantly keep ringing me these crooks, it's time to do something with a filter for the money, I am sending them to the forest" - said saucy grandma.

In two years, the filter elements have never changed, so the device is trying to flush the system and constantly pours water down the drain, the conclusion I came to.

Granny had to explain that drinking such water from the filter is not serviced by life-threatening. You can notably travanut and go to the next world, to his grandfather, especially at her age.

Water filters are hazardous to health, if not to change cartridges vovremya-link.

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Timofei Mikhailov.