How do opresovschik of the sprayer. We check life hacking.

  • Dec 28, 2019

On the Internet, there are videos on that with a conventional sprayer can raise the pressure in a closed conduit to 6 atmospheres. It turns out that you can buy a sprayer, hold little manipulation and check plumbing or heating system for maximum pressure and leakage. This eliminates the need to search for or buy special presser. I'm working as a plumber, so this idea is interesting for me, I decided to check it.

In order to test the possibility of the sprayer assembled just such a simple structure. I needed:

  1. Sprayer from the tank is empty, out of household products.
  2. outer, polypropylene coupling.
  3. B / y hose.
  4. The pressure gauge is 1 MPa. 10 atmospheres or about 10 bar. )

The hardest part of the design is to connect the nozzle of the sprayer with which a thread. I did not bother and soldered pp tube with the tip. Fortunately material sprayer junction, apparently also made from polypropylene.

Sprayer, pressure testing.
Sprayer, pressure testing.

To the surprise of the design turned out pretty strong. Next I connected the hose from the toilet bowl liner with a pressure gauge to 10 atmospheres. And he began to produce a sealed pumping system fluid. Especially for readers took a short video.

It is amazing but with the help of fingers managed to pressure 10 atmospheres. It turns out you can use this life hacking for pressing water supply and heating systems. But for this you need to add in crimp-return valve, shut-off valve. But I'll do next time. I will develop the theme if you like it. It all depends on the number of marks "I like this." Well continue???