Why specially wrapped black screw in the water.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Tighten the screw by accident in the water supply pipe is possible, but very difficult. The likelihood of such a failure is very small. But there are experts (like me) that can turn screw, be sure to black (sarcasm) in the pipe under pressure to perform certain tasks. I wrote about this in a previous article, the link below.

Screws can only be wrapped in polypropylene pipes with large wall thickness, the cold water supply pipe PN 10 not desirable to use unnecessarily high degree of leakage when re-wrapping the pipe.

This screw in the tube, which was wrapped technician, located in the basement. On the hot water riser (feed) after shut-off valves on the bed.

Shut-off valves in the cellar.
Shut-off valves in the cellar.

Once again, a closer look at the pipe with screws. You have a lot of questions naturally arise:

  • Why special screw to tighten the pipe?
  • Why screw to tighten the pipe if the shut-off valves close?

Many have a value judgment about Locksmith:

  • Do they use?
  • Their childhood is often dropped?
  • This is a real saboteurs in the housing system.

plumber explained

Disabled and sick for the rest of locksmiths head in the housing system does not, and if there are such individuals that work in this area did not last long. So we guys healthy and give a report of their work.

Tightening the screws in the tube is a forced measure and is connected with the rare circumstances arise.

Let's say you need to replace the plastic on the heated towel rail

modern and beautiful, the workplace is on the ground floor of a multistory building.

1) Plumber first thing turns off valves on the riser, the water drains through the taps, but that's bad luck, cranes in the basement slowly "poisoned" water.

In such a situation it is impossible to carry out welding of the pipeline, when moisture on the weld joint it is not sealed due to water quench.

2) In a normal system of water supply are "spusniki", they would be happy to open and drain the water, but in this case no. Photo example of another house.

3)After a call to the control room, a mechanic closes the gate at the house, but then again the failure, in our system of valves is also etched and pretty decent. Overlapping valves here did not help. Photo shutters on the house, for example.

4) You can unscrew the head parts on cranes risers, but we must not forget that the valves do not hold the same problem and merge the whole house is not necessary.

Especially for our readers I took a video.


Only as a last resort when all normal variations excluded wrapped technician screws into the conduit, thereby pierce the tube wall. Further twisting it back and water begins to flow out of the hole done softwood. This flow is sufficient that water ceased leaving in place sealing (welding) the towel dryer. Upon completion of the welding and assembling works screw is twisted back into the tube, the hole overlaps the body of the screw and leakage was observed.

The author of this text does not encourage you to take action and shall not be responsible for your actions. This material is published for informational purposes and is not an instruction for repair.

The same statya- "Specially spins black screws in the water "- link.

I hope I was able to bring you useful information, if this is so, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.