Checking the water bucket counter.

  • Dec 28, 2019

If you pay for water according to the norm, without meters, then a year can lose a tidy sum. Therefore, fewer and fewer and fewer apartments without water meters. By my conservative estimate their remaining ten percent of all the housing stock of my city.

Well, at some point you to fork out for the installation of meters, water consumption made on the counter. Enjoy savings. But all of a sudden you come from ticket "upravlyayki" with a menacing content that you have time to change equipment or perform calibration of metering devices.

I usually recommend changing water meters on new red tape later may be less than with them. But what if the money for new counters and the call to replace the fitter does not?

The output has a VERIFICATION. But in order not to spend the extra money for the verification of faulty water meters and determined: VERIFICATION or replacement will teach you a little trick.

For this it is necessary to expose the arrow L of water counter to zero, this is done by draining the water mixer. Pinpoint the position of the liter number. Photo we have it

28 cubic meters 001 liter 0 m.gram.

Further, taking 10 liter, preferably Soviet bucket having metku- ring. If you are unsure of your bucket fill it three-liter jar three times and one, one liter.

If verification perfect bucket, then fill it up to the mark as shown on the photo, deliberately scored less water to show you levels. It checks the meter must be turned by the water that flows from your faucet in the "Testing the bucket."

Pouring a bucket of exactly 10 liters, the label, the counter usually b / a shows on half liter, liter smaller as pictured below. It was 28 cubic meters 001 liter 0 m.gram.

After 10 liters of water, the counter has counted 9 liters 550 m.gramm. Water meter lying on the floor liter.

Accredited professionals producing calibration passed such counters, because none of them will not check. And for them it is counter attorney money from tenants apartments- salary.

They cull only those devices that are rough or broken lie.

If your meter is not miligramovogo dial the number liter expose the middle and takes measurements. Photo below.

Magnet counter

If you are using an illegal way to stop water meter with a magnet, keep in mind that the counter After checking in my method soon "die" if it has an error of 2 liters or more per 10 liters of water, in the retracted magnet.


This method of verifying operation of water meters in no way replaces the verification of accredited professionals with special reference equipment.

All information set forth above will help you identify a faulty water meter only if it lies roughly in the upward or downward.

For those who do not know I've been working as a plumber and part-time blogger. Therefore Like workaholic for the valuable information!