Sly key transformer. The Chinese have again surprised.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Once again walking through the online store in search of interesting things came to unknown little animals, interesting key transformer. With two hitherto unknown functions for a wrench.

Order this key made me need, sometimes have to work in confined spaces. In small hatches. Where conventional, direct key nepodlezt.

A small hatch. Inside, the counters for the replacement.
A small hatch. Inside, the counters for the replacement.

The site seeing pictures was delighted folding function key 90 c. and ratchet function. Of course I was intrigued, such functions do I need an adjustable wrench. Without hesitation I ordered the key... I regretted my purchase? But first we proceed to review and draw conclusions.

I packed my bar of iron (thought so postal workers), in Normal, "pokotsali" package. The very key was not injured and arrived safe and sound.

Appearance: great painting, you can put the key in the sideboard, and admire it. The coating will behave in the operation? It is not known.


The sliding mechanism with a minimal amount of backlash. Conventional adjustable wrench play more. Sponges disclosed on 33 mm. It suffices to replace the water meter.

Folding mechanism has a spring-loaded button, when pressed key is composed by 90 grams. to the right or to the left. When releasing the key buttons fixed in the desired position. It is worth noting that the backlash in the mechanism is present.

A switchable ratchet mechanism via the transfer switch in the desired position, the mechanism is small, fairly accurate items that require periodic lubrication.

The mechanism of the ratchet wrench.
The mechanism of the ratchet wrench.

A more detailed understanding of the key will give you a preview clip:

Summing up:

The key is not suitable for performing power rabot- "with all the dope" .Trebuet maintenance and lubrication because it has moving parts. It does not have critical clearances in mating parts. It will be a good helper in tight spaces due to perelomki ratchet mechanism and, where the key is not the usual crawl.

Current price of the key online Aliekspress- link.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.